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A patient with thyroid carcinoma and cobblestone-like changes of the oral mucosa will also likely have:
A. Syringomas
B. Cylindromas
C. Trichoepitheliomas
D. Fibrofolliculomas
E. Tricholemmomas

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Which of the following is the first symptom of ataxia telangiectasias?
A. Facial telangiectases
B. Conjunctival telangictases
C. Breast cancer
D. Hematologic malgignancy
E. Cerebellar ataxia

patient presents with hemorrhagic onycholysis. The drug class most commonly associated with this finding is: 
A Quinolone antibiotics 
B Systemic retinoids 
C Calcineurin inhibitors 
D Taxanes 
E Tetracyclines

keratoacanthoma. What treatment option should you recommend:
A Radiotherapy
B Punch biopsy
C Incisional biopsy
D Excision biopsy
E Curettage and cautery.

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Which of the following sterilization methods has the negative side effect of dulling instruments?
A. chemical autoclave
B. steam autoclave
C. dry heat
D. cold sterilization
E. gas sterilization

Which of the following is NOT associated with this disease of symmetric induration caused mucin deposition?
A. Diabetes mellitus
B. Streptococcal infection
C. Monoclonal gammopathy
D. Hepatitis C
E. All of the answers are associated with this disease

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The most likely diagnosis:
A Cherry angioma
B Angiokeratoma
C Lymphedema
D Multiple trichoepitheliomas
E Syringomas
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