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How has shopping changed over the years? Check out this infographic to see exactly what these changes are, and how it's affecting both the consumer and the retailer...

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Hands up, all those who agree. ;)

Is anyone else concerned about the ethics of using psychology and behavioral engineering to drive marketing? This group, like most I find discussing the topic at more than a consumer level, seems to regard each breakthrough in understanding buyer motivation and "rationality" as something to be exploited to make campaigns more effective.

I'd be interested in a discussion, here or elsewhere, on the ethical limits of using behavioral triggers, conditioning and the like to shape marketing, as well as a broader discussion of marketing perhaps not having an absolute "right to sell."


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Hello all! I am conducting field work for a consumer behavior
class. Could you please help me out by taking this brief 7 question
survey? Thanks in advance!

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Good read on behavioral economics.

"Rather than try to equip people to be more “rational,” we can look for opportunities to design their choice environments in ways that comport with, rather than confound, the actual psychology of decision making."


#behaviorchange   #predictiveanalytics  

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“Chief Behavioral Officer” has a “wait till your father gets home” tone to it, but in reality the role assumes oversight of the customer experience, with a healthy dose of big data  and data science  thrown in. As many as 20 of the Fortune 500 companies have someone at a C-suite level serving as chief behavioral officer.

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About Edward Bernays, Propaganda and the healthy habit of smoking.

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Fakes don’t kill brands; they kill businesses

Fakes don’t come from another planet. Mobile phones, toothpastes, consumer durables, soft drinks, Cigarette or clothing– fakes are found all around the originals in the shops or malls. How does one separate the two sides of the same coin? Like it or not– sooner or later– counterfeit, spurious, duplicate, copied or fakes are going to leave their impact — poison our lives.

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