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Where is Busy Me?  I need that on my phone and it's gone from the Play Store.  Help??

Er... Could be my settings, but I don't think so. Busy Me suddenly stopped working this morning. I can't find it on Google Play store so that I can try uninstalling and re-installing. Can anybody suggest a remedy? Thank you, Ol.

What happened with Busy Me? It doesn't appear on Play Store anymore? I loved this app!

I've noticed the same thing on Samsung Galaxy S4

Busy Me doesn't switch ringer back on, or switches it back on several hours after event at random. 5.0.1 on Moto G XT1033.

After updating to Android 5.0 Busy me doesn't switch on sound when a calendar event has ended. Or it switches on sounds hours after the event has ended. (Nexus 4)

Using LG G3 with 4.4.2 and unfortunately it seems  it won't  work.
Not setting the silencer when a meeting starts nor setting the ringer back when it finishes.

I have been using this software for about a year. I use just the basic ringer off for a calendar event and it works very well. I haven't tried any keyword things because of stuff I have read at google play.
I always support software that I actually use and I have been using this one. Is there a paid version of it?

Allow integration with Touchdown app and its calander
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