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+Spotify, +Deezer, and +SoundCloud will be joining other music services on Google Home soon

The most exciting part is that Spotify(free account) streaming will not require a premium account to work with the Google Home, which is currently required for streaming on Echo.

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Why can't my GH cast to my Android TV in the UK?

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hi. does anyone know if we can include parameters in shortcuts? I like the idea to customize a formal question to Google Home with a personal shortcut, but it could get very power full if we can pass criteria as well. see example below to replace the stupid Google Express shopping list...

New GH firmware rolling out. Anyone have release notes?

We got one of our Google Home's upgraded to v88047. (Our other GH's still on the older version)

Anyone else?
Any release notes?

When are voice calls available on google home?

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Finding and using Google Assistant Actions is about to get a lot easier

Google Assistant gets an Actions directory with categories and sample commands. Until now, the only place you could see all the Actions on Google was a scrolling list in the Home app. With the updated Assistant implementation, Google is aiming to make Assistant-compatible Actions easier to find as well as allow users to more seamlessly integrate their favorite apps with it. The new directory will serve as a highlight to the conversational services which use chat rather than traditional UIs, with Google telling that it believes this will significantly boost discoverability. However, it’ll also allow those already taking advantage of the Assistant to streamline interactions with their most commonly-used services.

The Assistant directory will give each app a page, just as each app in the Google Play store has. However, curious users will be able to try that app, directly from that directory page. If they like it, they’ll be able to go on and install it. The cards include a sample phrase you can use, and the ones that require an account login have an "unlinked" icon in the corner. Tapping on an app brings up a full info screen with more suggested phrases and a button to link an account, if that's required. Any ongoing Assistant functions like reminders and shortcuts are listed in the "Your Stuff" tab at the top, too.

Each directory page is shareable, and there’s extensive search built in too. In fact, the Assistant can now make suggestions for its own extensions, as well as other apps. You can ask for automotive apps and get curated suggestions, for instance.

What might be more useful, however, is the ability to flag which are your most frequently-used Assistant services. By linking them in the directory, the Assistant will be able to automatically figure out which service you want to use when you make a specific request. On IO stage, a surfing app was marked as a favorite, so that when you want to find out what the conditions will be in the morning you don’t need to specify the app to query, you only have to say “Ok Google, is the surf up?”

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Hi there, so I just got the assistant update that allows me to create user defined phrases and triggers, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to set it up so that I can go back to using keep for all my lists? Ie. Show me my grocery list opens my grocery list in keep. Or show me my to do list opens my to do list. Or add eggs to my grocery list adds eggs to my keep list.

Cooking Sunday dinner and drinking wine with the GH blasting out my playlist, does it get any better?

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Assistant will now show a history of previous commands and questions that you’ve asked Google.

Google will give you access to your Assistant history for “when you want to see what you’ve previously asked".

Long pressing on one will give users the ability to “Edit the query” which copies the command — even if it was given via voice — into the text field. Additionally, users can delete a group, which includes the command and response, from your search history.

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