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Google has made the first multilingual Virtual Assistant
Google Assistant just got more useful for multilingual families.

Although different smart assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana can all be set up to understand and speak different languages, Google Assistant is first digital assistant to support multiple languages at once beating Alexa, Siri and Cortana. Set up two languages(from any of six) and the Assistant on your phone and Google Home will then happily react to your commands in both English and Spanish, for example.

For more details, on which pair of languages Google Assistant supports now, how Google achieved this difficult feat, how long it took them to achieve it, which languages will it support next, and how to enable this feature visit:

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I have long been wondering why my different Google Home products does not know what the others are doing?
And why the Assistant on my phone has no clue either.
If I start a timer or start music on one Google Home, I have to talk to the Home unit to get info on the timer or stop the music.
Is that on purpose, am I doing something wrong, or ??

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Google home automation has a dark mode...

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Tackle football season with Google Assistant by your side

Football season is underway and your Google Assistant is ready to help you keep up with your favorite teams. With your Assistant on your phone or Google Home, start with “Ok Google” and...

1. Stock up on the essentials by asking your Assistant to “Add chips and dip to my shopping list”
2. Ask your Assistant about the competition: “Who does [insert your 🏈 team] play on Sunday?” or use CBS Sports Assistant app to get advice on how to manage your own team. It will give you advice on which players you should start, add, drop or trade. The app will also provide score updates, trade valuations, value comparisons between players and more.
3. Prepare for the game: “What’s the weather in Chicago going to be like today?”
4. Double check the game date: “When does [insert your 🏈 team] play again?”
5. Get to know your Assistant by asking “Who’s your favorite football team?”

Ready, set, hut.

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Hey guys has anyone in the UK noticed that the Routines option has disappeared in Settings on Google Home app?

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Premium tablet keyboard maker Brydge making a Chromebook model w/ Assistant key

+Brydge Keyboards, maker of high-end keyboards for tablets like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro, appears to be making a Chromebook keyboard with a unique feature not found on their current offerings.

This seems at first mundane, as some current Brydge keyboards would already work via Bluetooth, but there’s more to the story. The message here is Brydge will have an Assistant key, offering convenient access to Google’s increasingly omnipresent AI, similar to the Pixelbook’s keyboard. Brydge’s existing products do not have an Assistant key, meaning this is a new keyboard, intended for a detachable Chromebook. This will be a top of the line accessory, signaling good things to come in the world of Chromebooks.

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Google Home Hub to be launched on Oct 9; a 7-inch Smart Display for $149
Here's all we know so far from the leaks about Google Home Hub.

The Google Home Hub is expected to support all of the features you may have come to expect from the Google Assistant, along with the added benefit of a display. This device will apparently allow the user to “see your life in one view, and get things done hands-free.” The description of the device suggests that you’ll be able to “make the most of moments at home.”

Google Home Hub specs:
• Display: 7-inch LCD touchscreen
• Speakers/Mics: Full-range speaker “for crystal clear sound” and Far-field voice recognition that “supports hands-free use.”
• Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi “for high-performance streaming”
• Sensors: Ambient light, Color sensor (near the display)
• Dimensions: 2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65 inches (power cable 1.5m)
• Weight: 16.9 ounces(480g which is about the same as a standard Google Home unit)
• Colors: Chalk White(pictured in leak), Charcoal(a darker grey)
• Ports: DC power jack
• Price - $149
. The main thing it lacks is a camera, oddly enough.

Pairing the Google Home Hub a Nest Cam, for example, can be used to improve security features easily with commands such as “Hey Google, show me the front door camera”. Such controls will also work with other compatible home appliances such as lights, TVs and more.

Furthermore, the Google Home Hub will allow access to Google Photos, which can be viewed by giving simple voice commands. An example Google provides for this interaction is with the phrase, “Hey Google, show me my photos from Hawaii”. Another feature called Live Albums allows users to create slideshows out of their Google Photos library. The product page also boasts of Google’s partnership with over 400 brands to offer compatibility with more than 5000 smart devices.

Availability - Most likely available for purchase before the holidays. In the box, you’ll get the Google Home Hub, its power adapter, a quick start guide, and the warranty booklet.

We'll likely find out more details about Home Hub at Google's upcoming event on Oct. 9th. Stay tuned.

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Supposed leak of Google's own smart display

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Google Assistant adds streaming support for Bugs Music of South Korea

Google Assistant is improving its global footprint is by not just adding new languages but also supporting local services. Recently it added support for Bugs Music, a Korean streaming app that specializes in high-resolution audio.

Bugs was added to the list of “More music services” in Google Assistant settings. Tapping brings up a screen confirming that you want to “Link your Bugs Account” to “enable playback on compatible devices and access your playlists.”

Continuing takes users to a sign-in page for the Korean service where uses can enter account credentials. Once set as the default provider, Bugs will be used to play music when users interact with Assistant on phones, Home, and Smart Displays. Users can still access other music services by specifying in a command, while Bugs will remain logged in.

Bugs Music has a very similar concept to Tidal in the US with 10 million lossless high-resolution FLAC songs. With its combined library of 20 million songs, it claims to be the “largest in the country.” Like other services, it features personalized recommendations and stations based on listening history.

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