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Read on to learn the best practices to use when using KiCAD and its library management.
Read on to learn the best practices to use when using +KiCad and its library management.

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KiCAD improvements

There are things in KiCAD that might be improved, but marked as "non essential" for the developers. For example, in Eeschema:

Fonts. Better rendering and the ability to choose a different font.

Grid: The ability to change from dots to lines. It's a pain in the back those horrible dots in HiDef monitors. Also, to change grid size, and dots size.

Improvements in Pcbnew:

Auto router. An auto-router that belongs to KiCAD. Yes I know, this is a BIG concern for Pcbnew.

Fonts: Again, better font rendering, and the ability to choose a different font. I also know this is a BIG concern.

Line thikness: Rats-nest and lines for when drawing polygons are too thin that my eyes want to kill them-self.

Background: What if I was able to change the background color? Why must it be dark?

Not so long ago, I looked into the KiCAD source code. Wow! It's huge, and I couldn't find neither the entry point nor the exit. As it's a (wonderful) open source project one cannot expect to find documentation in regards how KiCAD has being built and developed. The main developers have more important things to do other than those I've mentioned, so I wonder whether I might start working on the things that are bothering me.

For such a task I'm asking you: are there documents that could point me out to the KiCAD architecture so that I can start working on it and not to give up even before I start?

Thank you!

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Complete work-flow using KiCad. This software is just amazing! 

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Can someone please look at my PCB - it's my first one, and the circuit is pretty simple.

However, when I soldered the components in and programmed the ESP8266, for some reason all the pins of the ESP8266 go high as soon as I power on the circuit and the ESP heats up immediately.

I picked up another board and ESP-12F module and installed just the ESP-12F, and the pull-up/pull-down resistors. Same result. Not sure what I did wrong, but would be great is someone can have a quick look.



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Designed in KiCAD
WiFi LED controller based on ESP8266 with the following features:
1. Level converter with 4 outputs for 4 WS2812 LED strips
2. MOSFETs for running one 12V RGB LED Strip
3. MOSFET for running one 12V White LED strip
4. Onboard power converters for 5V and 3.3V

Board designed by me. Had a set of 10 boards fabricated by SEEED Studio.

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Created my first PCB in KiCAD

This is an ESP8266 based controller to control one 12V RGB strip, one 12V white strip and upto 4 WS2812 based LED strips.

Have sent it over to Seeed Studio for fabrication.

Suggestions / Comments welcome.

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