@safetitude: I am responsible for safety means 'I won't defer presiding scheduled Safety meeting for other business meetings at same time'.

@safetitude is a campaign to change the way one manages workplace safety today by helping business institutionalizing the transforming safety approach. It is a combined momentum of safety with right attitude as safetitude. I would be happy to share HOW. Anyone wishing to know about this path breaking approach. may write or contact through website www.safetitude.com

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campaign@safetitude: I am responsible for safety means 'I welcome all ideas that improve my workplace safety further and help reinforce my commitment to provide a safer workplace to my team members'.

Campaign@safetitude: Everyday there is big fire at one place or other taking the life of many innocents and heavy damage to property and not less to environment. Is it not the outcome of indifference towards fire safety by the business owner ?

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A campaign for improving safety at workplace is main motto of safetitude. To read what it is, may visit www.safetitude.com

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As the fervour is at its high in this diwali, follow the crackers safety rules if at all u can' t help your sentiments to shun the use of crackers.

Condolence to the sad demise of 20 patients in fire accidents that corrupted in a private hospitals in Orissa. This is another example of lack of safety at a place where you expect health recovery. Why our system is reactive? Can it not work before wrong. 

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Why ZERO accident if not ZERO defects or ZERO waste? Have dilemma?
Visit www.safetitude.com/safetitude.blogspot.com. A must read blog for safety professional.
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