@safetitude: Let's CARE plastic ban more than SHARE!
As 5th June is nearing, there is a flood of share on media. The gesture is worth welcome.

However, if at least plastic is stopped/ reduced usage by those who have shared or sharing the plastic ban messages, could contribute to this global menace considerably and also change our earth for better.
If we can't act even a little, I don't see a worth in passing on any message further.

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@safetitude: The profession of a Doctor and a Safety Officer is alike. Both professions require a through diagnosis of the problem (cause of illness in a patient and safety issues in the organisation respectively) before arriving to a remedy. One can imagine the effect of a wrong prescription and a wrong safety program of improperly chosen medicine and Safety program. Therefore, success and failure of both professions lie across a very thin line.

@safetitude: The whole-hearted efforts of safety practitioners should be to transform at-risk-behavior (ARBs) [that exists in different forms in personnel at different levels including workers and front-line supervisors] to safe-behavior (SBs) because right safety-attitude (safetitude) is foundation of a good safety caring culture!

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@safetitude:Where line-function own the responsibility of accident prevention, Safety Officers' function get full support and respect. In opposite case, they perceive it obstruction to the production.

@safetitude: Is it worth asking question " do you have experience in handling or have handled fatal accident" by a interviewer to safety professional rather than assessing his/her skill helped avoid it.

@safetitude: Safety can not perform well where safety issues are well known to the managers and site safety officer's report of same is not taken seriously, is ignored, or is debated. In contrast to this, the same organisation hire external services who end up with these obvious known safety issues only.

@safetitude:Is sharing knowledge a only way that we environment loving person can do to better it ? Will it not be encouraging if individual shares what " I HAVE DONE" personally in practice.

@safetitude: NEBOSH certificate is made must for gulf HSE jobs. Is it that the recruiter not aware of many full time Deg/Dip courses in India that are far ahead of any certificate programs.
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