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MotionController and GamePad classes added to ZIM in 4.8.0 - fly the butterfly or a basic example at

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Some mapping examples of ZIM and CreateJS to Box2D: - Take a look at the Bits menu for another more basic example.

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Just posted a scroll parallax example with a Gorogolon underwater civilization theme ;-) Other parallax examples are here - these are fun to make!


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Hello, I wrote a game using CreateJS, jQuery and PhoneGap called "The First Aviators".

It uses an HTML5 canvas that scales to the size of screen and randomly drops in background images, bushes, weeds, etc... Right now I only have it on the GooglePlay store for Android devices, but hope to add more platforms soon.

It all started as a Flash project (back in the old days), because I wanted to build an animated model railroad, since I didn't have the room for a real one. The 3D models were all drawn and rendered using eRain's Swift 3D program (if anyone remembers that). I gave up on the project (and Flash) for years, but once I found out about the CreateJS libraries, it renewed my interest.

The project came together nicely using CreateJS and Zoe, I'd describe it as a casual/adventure/flight simulator set around 1914-ish. The game play is to fly over the green updrafts, while avoiding the red downdrafts to fly farther. Watch your fuel level so that when you run out you don't land on an obstacle.

There is a free version with ads and a paid without, I still plan on adding more levels, (there are 10 right now), and also adding more sounds. So watch for updates. Hope you like it, if you try it.

Feedback is appreciated.


Have any prediction to support webg, for better performance in mobile?

Hi, I'm trying to create a voiced tutorial with Animate CC. I'm able to load the individual sound files and play them using SoundJS, but can't figure out a way to pause and resume the audio files with a pause button. I created an instance of the audio files in frame 1 so I could use the"paused" property in my button event listeners, but the audio keeps playing when I pause the movie. I also find that using the instances in other frames doesn't play the audio. For example, if I try to play an instance in frame 90. Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong with instances?

/* Initialize sounds */
this.sounds = [{id: "vo01", src: "sounds/vo01.mp3"}, {id: "vo02", src: "sounds/vo02.mp3"}];

cjs.Sound.registerSounds(this.sounds, "");

var voiceOver01 ="vo01");
var voiceOver02 ="vo02");


this.pauseToggle1.addEventListener("click", fl_MouseClickHandler_2.bind(this));

function fl_MouseClickHandler_2() {
/* pause sounds */
voiceOver01.paused = true;
voiceOver02.paused = true;

this.pauseToggle2.addEventListener("click", fl_MouseClickHandler_3.bind(this));
function fl_MouseClickHandler_3() {;
/* resume sounds */
voiceOver01.paused = false;
voiceOver02.paused = false;

How to replace linked image with Base64 image in CreateJS from Adobe Animate CC?


manifest: [
{src:"image1.png", id:"image1"},


manifest: [
{src:"...", id:"image1"},


manifest: [
{img.src:"...", id:"image1"},

Hi, has anyone here built any rich media ads using Flash CC / Create JS / Canvas in conjunction with the Doubleclick API for rich media ads? If so any tips or advice? Any issues to report? Thanks!

It's been around for more than a year, but I finally had a moment to look into the new command approach to the Graphics class.

I have to admit, I'm lost.

Other than the Graphics documentation, are there any demos of this new system being used. Preferably in small chunks of complete working code so I can pick apart what's going on, and how I could use it.


Mine EaselJS code is just working in IE 9 and in other browsers mouse events is not working. How to make sure that EaselJS code work properly in Chrome and other browsers ?
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