How can i allow user to enter text (fancy style) on canvas ? Is there any way of doing so in EaselJS.

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Hi , i have game made with flash CC canvas document.
CreateJs issue.
WIth Chrome android.
So basscily it didnt happened on chrome android 46.
But after update to 47.0.2526.76
Strange thing happens .
If you move finger arround on canvas or on webpage itself .Rendering stops.
whole code worked fine before , but after update to chrome this issue happens.
samsung galgaxy s3 android 4.3
Galaxy android 5.1
Nexus 7 android 6.0
Lg g3 android 5.1

All have chrome 47

Works as expected:
chrome 46 ,opera mobile ,firefox mobile,stock browser, IOS safari.

Please whatch a video look at arrow ,When iam not moving finger on screen arrows animates , than i move figner whole rendering stop:

Game link :

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This is a jigsaw puzzle game I develop. Thanks to CreateJS :) Enjoy !
(only in french for the moment...)

Hi, I have a CORS problem with preloadjs. When using it on another domain (as an embed-script), preloadjs requests a jpg, but then another request appears in the network list using "blob:...", and with that all (CORS)headers are lost, resulting in cross domain loading errors. Can anyone point me to the right direction? I haven't found anything about that issue yet. Thx alot!

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Lode Runner - Retro Game built with CreateJS

Game :

Web Page:

I am back with another problem, 
How do I remove drawn text with createJS ?

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function init() {
    var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');
    stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);


so, I'm following a tutorial

and I can't get the Ticker to work. chrome says createjs.Ticker.addListener(window); is not a function.

I know the setFPS is depreciated, but when I change it to framerate, it's getting an error as well. any help would be great. :)

Hello DEVs, I'm a newbie in createJS, I want to ask, is createJS, can do several touch area mapping for one PNG file ? 
is there anyone already did this and willing to share it ? thanks :D

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I have a flash contact form and I'm trying to recreate the form with html5 canvas but input text is not available. So my question is can it be done.

when using create.js, how do you access easel? I downloaded and referenced createjs combined file. I found a tut that said I had to install something called bower, broswerify, and grunt. I was able to figure out how to install those into my visual studio ultimate 2013, even through I'm still figuring out what that means. Any way I started to follow the code, and my browser could recognize the Stage in the new Stage(); I figure it's not referenced right from the src, or I'm missing a step. Any help would be good. 
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