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Welcome to Futa Funhouse~💜, the community built especially around those who enjoy roleplaying as Futa's, or those that enjoy roleplaying with them. No matter your gender, race, or sexual preference, this community welcomes you!


Before you dive in, please take a look at our community rules so you don't get warned due to a misunderstanding!

Profiles are not required; but encouraged. If you would like a basic template from a moderator, just ask.

1. Always respect others, no matter their gender, race, or kinks. If you don't like something, simply ignore it.

2. Do not argue with other members or moderators. There is no reason for it, if you have a problem with someone, tag a moderator.

3. Do not share spam posts such as "repost or die", "first comment gets to be my master for the week", etc.

4. Censor private areas, including nipples. Not my rule, but Google can take the community down for nudity.

5. Post in the correct category. Moderator Posting is for the Moderators only.

6. Respect the rules roleplayers put on their posts.

7. If someone doesn't want to roleplay, leave it be. It's their choice, move on.

8. Stray away from the banned subjects listed below;
▶ Pedophilia. Character must be sixteen years or older. This does not include caregiver/little.
▶ Vore
▶ Necrophilia

9. Do not ask to be a moderator. People will be appointed or applications will be sent out.

10. No self advertising allowed.

You have a total of three (3) strikes before you are banned. See link in description for in depth consequences.

{{ Also, please tag a moderator if you have any questions or concerns. It will help them give an answer within a much smaller time frame. }}

🌈 Moderator Appointment Goals 🌈

❎ = Not Yet Reached

✅ = Reached

50 Members ✅

70 Members ✅

110 Members ✅

170 Members ✅

280 Members ❎

340 Members ❎

400 Members ❎

{{ As old goals are reached, new ones will be added. }}


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sniffs around and huffed a little looking up at a tree. He saw a nice sized bee nest with honey just oozing out the sides Hello beautiful~

Name- Skjöldur Oakpaw


Height- 9'6

Sexuality-straight (has an extreme​ soft spot for futas)

Sex- male

Sexual preference- a female just as strong as me. Keeps tings interesting.

Limits- scat, water sports gore, vore, degrading

Likes- honey, sleeping, taking long walks, sleeping...Sleeping...Sleeping...Zzzz....

Dislikes- ignorant people, mistreatment of others. Anything negative.

Short bio- I'm a switch, but I lean mainly to the dom side. I enjoy cuddles and I'm easy to talk to I think. When I'm not sleeping I'm usually eating. When I'm not eating I'm sleeping. Haha. 

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Title: The Art Of Poison

((Dominant Female Needed))
((Read And Enjoy))

It was a warm night in metropolis. It would've been dark. But because of the bright streetlights, it negates that fact. However, on these streets, it was very clear between who would walk them and who would own them. There was a major crime boss who had the city in her fingertips. Her name was poison. She was the recent winner of the road warrior tournament. With that under her belt, plus the fame, profit, and popularity, she used it to practically take over metropolis. There were many that feared her, but there were very few that didn't.

InuRēsu was one of the rare few that didn't fear Poison. He uses fear as a tactic. He was known as the white-haired savior to the people of metropolis. What most people don't know is that he's not a human. He naturally shows himself in the night, but never in the day. He was the leader of the resistance. The resistance was a group of people that, like him, didn't fear anyone. Although Poison knew of him, she was intrigued, impressed and interested in this enigma.

Poison stood by a night club as she was checking over everyone. Some people that seen her turned away, few passed by her not making eye contact. She smiled as she knew that she owned the streets. But her smile slowly faded when she saw him. Inu was slowly walking on the sidewalk when she saw him. She took a quick glance at his eyes. They were crimson, to which she didn't know that his state of mind was blank. For a moment, this sent chills down her spine. But she regain confidence and she put her miniature whip in his way to stop him. He stops and looks at her. She looks up at him, licking the top part of her lips to get her attention...

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[Moderator Applications: Very Important]

Attention all members of this community, please read the post below if you are interested in becoming a moderator for this community.

So, a while back I asked for applications for moderators, but nobody was accepted because I came to the conclusion I didn't need any at the moment. Now, I would like to have a moderator to help around the place.

Let's make this clear: I am only looking for ONE moderator at the moment. That person will be selected based on how they meet the following requirements:

> They have the ability to use hangouts.

> They have a generally decent attitude.

> They are active both on the community and on their personal page.

> They do not bring drama into their moderating job or let it interfere with moderating the community.

> They handle troublesome members will a calm, cool attitude and treat everyone with respect.

💠 Applications will be accepted until July 4th, 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. No excuses for lateness will be tolerated. 💠

The application will be private posted to me, with the answers to the questions filled out. Please try to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability and don't leave anything blank.

Clean copy in comments

1. What is your first name? (If you don't feel comfortable answering, just put the letter X. This will tell me to call you by the first name on your profile.)

2. How old are you? (Nobody under fourteen please. If you don't feel comfortable answering, just give a range.)

3. How often do you open the Google+ app besides for roleplaying purposes?

4. How good would you say your temperament is?

5. How often do you have to leave Google+ for more than 2+ days at a time?

6. How active are you on hangouts?

7. What is your time zone?

8. What interface do you use? (Tablet, computer, laptop..)

9. Do you have anything you think needs to be improved within the community?

10. Is there anything else I need to know about you? (Mental disabilities such as dyslexia?)

11. Would you edit the community for your own purposes?

12. Would you be willing to join a moderator only community where we can share information on things such as warned and banned members?

13. Would you check profiles before you accepted members into the community?

✴ Please note that I am looking for an ACTIVE moderator. I will need constant updates on what you've been doing so I know you haven't died on me. If you go inactive for more than two weeks without notice, I will demote you. ✴


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Would anyone like to take care of a small neko?

I don't know whether this is in the correct category
You are a sweet high school girl who was given me, a small Neko kitten as your graduation present... You instantly loved me and you took me off to college with you... It is now halfway through the first semester and since you were having a hard time with your grades you decided to take a break from studying by reading a romantic novel about a Neko cook and a Human librarian... While you were reading I crawled on your head and pawed at your forehead
Me: Mew...
You: Hey there (insert name)
You set the book down, grabbed me and pulled me into a big hug, petting me as you held me... I purred and nuzzled your hand
Me: nya~
You: You are such an adorable little fur ball aren't you
I then nuzzle your breasts and you...
(Female needed)

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you are the leader of a gang or very powerful mafia. you took over many territories and used the houses as storage or sleeping quarters for your men. your men survey every corner and kill or capture any other person in the area. you almost had on problems with the locals. except for a small house that had a stubborn neko inside. that was me. i refused to give my house up and every time your men went to get me they never returned. you placed me on the highest part of you priorities and started making a plan to get me...

(this will involve bondage, mind break and rape)
(dominant male/female/futa is required)
(no text talk and please comment don't plus one please)
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Name: Samantha
Age: 23
Gender: female
Sexuality: bi
Likes: reading, sweets, nice people, listening to music
Dislikes: exercising (aside from swimming) and rude people
Sexual likes: being sub and public sex
Sexual dislikes: vore, gore, scat, etc.

Hey there :)

Any girl would like to roleplay as dominant (futa or normal female) in a romantic rp with me ?

If you are interested please let me know by a comment or so :)

I prefer hangouts but I'm ok with PP too

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Owned by; looking foe new owner

Name: Jess
Age: unknow
Gender: femal
Height: 6.1
Sexuality: only loves the feel of girl on her skin and a huge futa in her pussy.
Species: Elf
Peronality: loving and helpful
Breast size: 45 d
Role; slave
Likes: ass and futa girls and latex
Dislikes: scat,piss and gore
Turn ons: asses,latex,bondage and futa and spanking
Turn offs: none
Virginity: virgin

Jess lived in forest all by herself running in the trees and happy. she ventured out to far and found a camp, they knocked her out and collared her on the spot and put her up for sale in the slave market been sitting there ever since.

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Who wants to have fun? I am going to be the boy who got bullied. Futa required
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