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Welcome to Futa Funhouse~💜, the community built especially for those that enjoy roleplaying with futas or as futas. No matter your gender, race, sexual preference, or political views, this community welcomes you! (As long as you follow the rules)

Without further ado, I will explain what this community expects out of you if you wish to roleplay here.

Profiles are not required, but encouraged. If you would like a basic template from a moderator, don't hesitate to ask.

➺ Always respect others, and do not discriminate on them for any reason whatsoever. If you don't like something, ignore it (unless it breaks one of the community rules, in that case, tag a moderator).
↬ Your posts/comments will be removed, and you will be warned to stop. If the behavior continues, we will be forced to ban you.

➺ Do not argue with other members or moderators unless it is a civilized argument. If you start using excessive caps lock, swearing, or you are just being a flat out ass, you will be warned.
↬ Your posts/comments will be removed, and you will be warned. Like the above rule, if such behavior continues, you will be banned from the community.

➺ Do not share spam posts such as "repost or die", or "comment if you want to be my master", etc. That's not tolerated here and it's unnecessary. Also, posting more than twice within an hour is considered spam.
↬ Your post will be removed and you will be warned.

➺ Censor private areas, including nipples if you wish to post nudity. Google can take the community down for weeks and we wouldn't notice.
↬ Instant Ban.

➺ Post in the correct category. There will be a category guide down below for anyone who is confused. Moderators Only is obviously for the moderators only.
↬ Your post will be removed and you will be warned.

➺ Respect the rules moderators put on their posts.
↬ Posts/comments removed and you will be warned. If it goes to far it will be considered harassment.

➺ If someone doesn't want to roleplay, accept their choice and move on.
↬ Posts/comments removed and you will be warned.

➺ Do not post any roleplays containing the following banned subjects:
↬ Vore, Necrophilia, or pedophilia. Characters must be sixteen years or older. Pedophilia is an instant ban. The other two will be warned and posts/comments removed.

*➺ Do not ask to be moderator. Applications will be sent out. You'll get your chance.

➺ Do not self advertise. This includes posts such as follow me, join my discord chat, etc.
↬ Instant Ban.

[ Category Guide ]

➺ Discussion/Chat
↬ This category is for OOC talking, and getting to know other members/moderators. DO NOT post roleplay requests in this category.

➺ Questions/Concerns/Complaints
↬ This is mainly for moderator/member communication. If you have an issue with one of the community rules, another member, or any other suggestions/questions, feel free to post here. If you have a problem with a moderator, private post me.

➺ Futa Profiles
↬ For profiles where the character is a futa.

➺ Non Futa Profiles
↬ For profiles where the character is not a futa.

➺ Find a Partner
↬ This is for when people want to roleplay, and don't have a starter. DO NOT post starters in this category.

➺ The Genre Categories
↬ Romance, friend x friend, etc are all for starters. If you're not sure, you can ask a moderator or just put it where you think the genre influences your starter the most.

➺ Moderator Posting Only
↬ This is for important announcements by your moderators and is not to be posted in by regular members.

[ Our Moderator Team ]

@Honey Bun (me lol)

+Oren Reynolds​​

[ Moderator Appointment Goals ]

New moderators will be appointed when every third or fourth goal is reached unless we have no need for moderators at the time.

✗ = Not Yet Reached

✓ = Reached

50 Members ✓

70 Members ✓

110 Members ✓

170 Members ✓

280 Members ✓

340 Members ✓

400 Members ✓

450 Members ✓

500 Members ✗

550 Members ✗

650 Members ✗

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Any dominant futas that could make my dream of being fucked in doggy style with big testicles, knots, being knotted (more so by a futa), wet fun and overall being fucked like a pleasure toy!~

All you've gotta do is be a futa, bend me over, rest your gorgeous body on mine and pump away as your hearts content~ And no need to worry, I take good enjoyment whenever my partner doesn’t pull away~ So you have all the time in the world to fill this cum rag up~

You can tail fuck my tail hole, Face fuck me, or simply fuck my pussy with all your desire. Just make sure you don’t pull out~ And don’t worry if there’s a mess, I’ll be a good girl and swallow~

That and maybe you could add a bit of forceful sex, up to you really.

And my thanks for accepting me to the community, I really needed to join some roleplay communities! Due pardon if my grammar failed a bit, I’m not exactly a native English speaker but I try.

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~Protective girlfriend~

Y/N and Max had been dating for a few months now. While Y/N was taller and more confident, Max was shorter and a bit timid. His timidity managed to bring in bullying and while neither Max nor Y/N would actually try to stop it, Y/N would always comfort and make Max feel better one way or another, be it a hug or simple sweet words. Now Y/N and max were hanging out at her house, both of them alone. Max had received a text from an unknown number that hurt him greatly. Y/N then...

Quick and kinda shitty starter

Female or male playing female needed. Futa's fine too

I'd prefer if sex isn't introduced super quickly, but it's fine if it is.

Just use good grammar

As the two are in a realtionship, try to add in wholesome and romantical fluff here and there. I'm sure we would both enjoy it.
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Hello, are any futas up?

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Jennifer Lawrence was a brilliant scientist who was fascinated with biology. She worked hard to understand the physiology of various species of animals, humans, and just about anything with DNA in it. Eventually she became the leading scientist at her workplace, making tremendous leaps in her field. However, her knowledge, skills, and love for biology would be put to the test when something unusual came her way.

A meteor had crash landed, and inside of it was an odd black goo. It was apparently alive and was swiftly captured and brought to Jennifer for experimentation. After carefully extracting a few samples of the goo and studying it, she determined that it was some kind of symbiotic life form, and required a host body. After acquiring several animals for testing, Jennifer began to experiment to see how the Symbiote, as she named it, would react with living creatures.

For the first few weeks things seemed to go well, upon being introduced to several species of animal the Symbiote would enhance the animals. It would increase their strength, speed, and senses. Jennifer also learned that it had a weakness to ultrasonic sounds, and fire, and used the former to remove the Symbiote from it's host for further testing. However things started to get strange as when the bonded animal was near a female, it would aggressively begin to mate with it. Also animals started to become brain dead upon the symbiote's removal, and promptly die, though it was theorized that it was merely the trauma from removing the Symbiote.

Soon however the Symbiote began to display a intelligence it hadn't before, as it actually left one host to bond with another, and seemed to take control over the host. After extracting another sample Jennifer learned that the Symbiote was evolving with every host it bonded with. Not only was it gaining intelligence, but it was drawing DNA from it's host and taking element from them. She decided the Symbiote had the possibility of becoming dangerous if it became too intelligent. Thus she left it in a sealed tube while she made her report to the board of directors.

Little did she know that the latest sample she had extracted was still connected to it's main body, and swiftly bonded with a spider in the lab. It enhanced the spider's strength and webbing, and managed to pull the tube off a shelf, and let it fall to the ground. The tube cracked and a small hole was created, but that was all it needed to get loose. The sample left the spider and joined with the main body, adding the spider's abilities to it's DNA before hiding in the lab.

When Jennifer returned to the lab, she found the broken tube and was now worried. The Symbiote was now loose, and could be anywhere by now. Before she could sound the alarm however, the Symbiote dropped onto her, and began to bond with her. Instead of encasing her within itself like it had done with the animals, it instead sank into her skin, and boned with her completely. She tried using a sonic device she had kept in the lab in case of emergencies such as this, but it had did nothing. Now permanently bonded with someone, the Symbiote's vulnerabilities were now removed. Jennifer was worried what would happen to her when she heard a voice in her head. It sounded feminine, but monstrous as it spoke within her head.

"Hello Jennifer."

-Need female to play Jennifer Lawrence.
-I will be playing the Symbiote.
-This will start out with the symbiote molesting Jenifer during any sexy bits while it's on her like a suit, but eventually the Symbiote will be able to separate from her at will and keep a humanoid form to fuck her as a futa.
-This will be a eventual romance RP, with some rape here and there.
-Must be descriptive, 5+ lines.
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Anyone wanna do a futa dark elf queen x fem bodyguard?
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• Would any futanari like to fuck him throughly and roughly to the point where he breaks and pretty much becomes your bitch?
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For all you overwatch fans.
Overwatch as a majority was caught in an accident as of recently. The small group were assigned to overlook the transport of a body altering bacteria that would affect anyone both physically and mentally. There was an ambush from mercenaries, given false information that these chemicals could be used to create nuclear weaponry. Battle insured, and by the end the canisters of chemicals were ruptured, releasing them upon the team. The men and women were affected differently. The girls turned into Futas, boys into horny Shemales. A month or so after, I came to the scene as a new recruit, and I was already getting hit on. Either to fuck or be fucked. Today was no different. I had walked into the kitchen of our quarters, one of many in our facility. You were there, cock out and waiting....

Soldier 76: Soft Dom. Loves taking it up the ass, but is a leader first, so she's usually on top. Likes tag team with Reaper.
Reaper: Dom. Will often be on top and cumming down her lovers throat or up their ass. Likes tag team with Soldier 76.
McCree: Switch. One to be blunt, which includes grabbing balls and frontage.
Genji: Soft Sub. Her balls grew from the chemicals. She'll give her lover a ball job to make up for not being a true woman and not having a pussy. Likes tag team with Hanzo.
Hanzo: Hard Dom. Unlike Genji, she will pound her lovers ass until her balls are empty. Likes tag team with Genji.
Sombra: Dom. A sadist that loves punishments and playing with her lover, including ball busting.
Mei: Soft Dom. The mother figure that cuddles her lover while milking her cock.
Tracer: Soft Sub. Likes when her lover spurts his load all over himself or makes a mess in her uniform. Likes tag team with Widowmaker
Widowmaker: Soft Dom. Has the bigger cock in the relationship, and uses it mainly rub against her lover until he spurts all over himself while humiliating him. Likes tag team with Tracer.
Mercy: Hard Sub. A Masochist who lives being denied the ability to cum.
Zarya: Hard dom. Sadist who will try to break a spine by power bottoming just to show her strength

((Dominant/Submissive Futanari/Shemale needed. May involve romance, harem, humiliation, long term and more.))
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Would some of you futa mistresses like to have a loyal and never discussing servant.

Name: G or the one the mistress choose.

Age: 16 (hope not too young.)

Furr colors: grey balck nut brown.

Likes: all.

Dislikes: gore.

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Any girls wanna get pounded by a sexy dark elf futa with a big cock~?
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