Book Titles.

So I have been trying to develop decent titles for my books without offending the amazon PC police. I see a lot of tittles that are right on the edge of their censorship line. I have tried to be a little more coy with mine, but curious what others are doing with theirs? I think I may have to move a little closer to that line to get the right attention.


Book Titles.

So I have been trying to develop decent titles for my books without offending the amazon PC police. I see a lot of tittles that are right on the edge of their censorship line. I have tried to be a little more coy with mine, but curious what others are doing with theirs? I think I may have to move a little closer to that line to get the right attention.


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Hotel Couple Part Two

It as a crisp October morning , she had told me to meet her early , I stood waiting for her . It was only the second time we had meet , my mind drifted back to the first meeting in the Hotel and as it did I feels a stiffness grow between my legs. That had been four weeks ago , we had e mailed since then . The e mails relived that first meet and moved on becoming even more erotic . I found myself becoming more dominant , and she seemed to enjoy that indeed she was excited by it . She had started sending me pictures of her dressed in classy sexy lingerie seeking my approval. As my mind recalled some of these pictures the stiffness grow and pushed uncomfortable against my trousers .

I look at my watch and notice that you are fifteen minutes late , which on the face of it is okay but I decide to make an issue of it when and if you eventually appear . As I have a flashback of us together in the shower naked , washing one another , I am lost in a day dream . All of a sudden I hear this voice and a hand on my shoulder which makes me jump . I turn around and you are standing there , looking immaculate as always and beautiful as I remembered . You are wearing a black military style knee length overcoat and black knee high, high heeled boots. I say a chilled hello and look at my watch and say "your late and you startled me " the smile drops a little from your face and I continue " I don't like to be kept waiting so be on time in future ". I felt a pang of guilt when doing this , but I have given myself this dominate persona which seems to excite her and I also seemed to be growing into and enjoying the role . At this I gave your ass a playful slap and the smile returned to your face .

You said that you were in town for a couple of days on business, but a couple of meetings you had fell through and you had some spare time and a hotel room to yourself. Inside I was smiling and felt a surge of excitement but could not let that show . So I lent forward and took you in my arms and gave you a friendly type embrace and kissed your cheek. As I moved away , I whispered in your ear " well take me to your hotel , you have been a naughty girl for keeping me waiting and you know what happens to naughty girls ". You smile at this then say " this way then". As we walked we didn't hold hands , but we walked close together brushing against one another a few times , I even let my hand bush over your ass a couple of times. Each time I did it sent a instant sensation of excitement through my body .

After about a five minute walk we reached the hotel , it was one of these chains not the same standard as our first meet. We walked up the stairs I held the door open and we walked into the lobby and I followed you as you made your way to the lift. As we stand waiting on the lift to come we stand looking at one another , we don't speak but there is a tension between us. Both of us aware that once we are in the room the tension will be released in only one way . The lift door opens and we entry , no one joins us and the doors close . I want to take you in my arms and feel your lips on mine , but I must maintain this facade I built up during our last meeting . I can sense that you want to embrace me but again after our first meet you make to moves . We stand gazing at one another , I cannot help myself and I am mentally undressing you wondering what surprises and pleasures are hidden under that coat. Just then the lift stops and the doors open and you step out and I follow you along the corridor until you stop at the room door and insert the key card , there is a click and you enter the room and I follow .

The room is one of those generic rooms in this sort of hotel . As we enter , you turn around and ask if you can kiss me . I say yes you step close we embrace and our lips meet , and memories of our first meet come flooding back to me . My hands go round your back and cup your bum and push you onto me . My tongue explore your lips, your mouth and your tongue . My hands go to the side of your head and face pushing you onto me , as we continue to kiss you bite and pull on my lower lip. You pull away as you do you take my bottom lips with you until it falls from your mouth. We stand , not saying anything just looking at one another taking in what we can . I notice that you unbutton your coat and remove it and you have black dress on which is cut low at the front revealing your stunning cleavage . You look me straight in the eye and say " can I suck your cock? ". I reply "yes you can" and you proceed to squat and you start to rub my cock through my trousers long slow strokes, I react immediately . As you do this I remove my coat and shirt . Then one of your hands goes to the zip and the other to my belt , whilst you lean forward and kiss my erect cock through my trousers . I let out a small gasp as you so this and my hands go to your head stroking and massaging it . After what seems like an eternity my trousers at undone and they fall to the floor your hands take hold of the waistband of my boxers. In one movement you pull the waistband out past my erect cock and down. My boxers fall to the floor , you look up at me my erect cock directly in front of your face and you slowly and deliberately lick your lips .

You take my cock in your hand and gently pull back and down exposing the head and hold me at the base, you maintain eye contact with me. You lick the head a slow lick round and over the top , I gasp and jerk at this touch . You smile and lick me again , taking even more time, your tongue sends shock waves through me as it slowly moves over the soft sensitive head of my cock . As you finish you quickly flick me with your tongue . I open my eyes and see that you are still looking at me ,at this point you bring your head up and run my cock over your lips back and forward . You then take the head of my cock between your lips , they feel so soft as the sensation is unbelievably good . As they enclose me can feel your tongue flick and tease me . The sensation of your lips, tongue and mouth on my cock is unbelievable and have to close my eyes again. That is when I can feel your other hand come up and start to stroke my balls , you soft hands gently caressing them . Feel your mouth release my cock , and your tongue lick me from base to head long slow licks as you get to the head you run your tongue over it smearing my pre cum over my head and your tongue . You do this once them again and again just as I am getting used to the rhythm of this , you stop . To my surprise you kiss my balls and take one in your mouth and gently suck on it , then you to the same again to the other one , as you do this your hand slowly strokes my shaft , up and down , up and down. As you reach the top of the upward stroke you run your thumb over the head of my cock , smearing it with pre cum. With my hands on your head I apply some upward pressure and you take the hint and time it just right , when your hand reaches the base of my cock in one swift movement you take me I your mouth , as far as you can take me . I immediately start to twitch as you start moving your mouth up and down the length of my cock . The sensation is delicious and all I can think about is releasing into your mouth . I start to move my hips to meet your downward stroke , trying to get more of my cock in your mouth , as I start fucking your mouth. As the tension builds in my legs, I know I can't hold on much longer as you take more and more of me into your mouth. Just as the tension hit the base of my cock and on the verge of release and you are on a downward stroke and I am on a upward stroke I come to my sense don't want this to end so soon . As you come up , I pull back a bit and my cock comes out of your mouth , I open my eyes and immediately look at you . You look surprised and bewildered . I motion and lift you up and take you in my arms and embrace you kissing you on the lips at the same time . My hands move around your back and down until they are at your bum . As we kiss I lift my hand and bring it back down on your bum and give you two smacks on the bum on each cheek as we continue to kiss and without warning. I break from the kiss and whisper in your ear " don't ever leave me waiting again" .

I kiss your ear , then just leave my mouth over your ear , you feel my breath in your ear as you wait for the next touch , not knowing where it will come from. I kiss your ear again after a few seconds and whisper in it " I want to see you take of your clothes and I will tell you when to stop, and you better make a show of it ". I move back from you stepping out of my trousers and boxers as I do , then sit on the chair. It is now that I have the first opportunity to examine what you were wearing. As I sit down I am taken aback on how easy I did that and how you just accepted it .

As I sit it is the first time I can see what you are wearing . You are wearing a plain black low cut top and a black wrap skirt which covers the top of the knee high black boots. You start to quickly unbutton the top, I look at you and say " slowly seductively " sand you start to slowly unbutton the buttons one by one slowly , as you get to the last one you turn your back to me. At this point I retrieve my phone and switch it to camera mode. You let your shirt fall from your shoulders and as you do you turn your head round to face me as you, I take a picture of you. A look of surprise came over your face , I say to you " don't looked surprised it is no worse than you taking pictures and sending them to me, now carry on ". At this you smile and let your shirt fall to the ground , revealing the lines of your back only marred my the black bra strap. I continue taking pictures as your hands fall the the waistband of your skirt and with your back still to me you start to undo your skirt . You open it up at the front but still holding it over your bum , you hold this pose for a minute then you start to lower the skirt , as you do you wiggle and shimmy your bum against the skirt . It would seem that you are getting into this .

I sit watching you , my excitement growing as you begin to reveal yourself, as I take a picture every now and again. As you lower the skirt exposing your back further and can see those lines merging into your behind . The skirt drops lower to show a black line of your suspender belt, and you teasing lower your skirt revealing another line of black , a lot narrow than the first , and as the skirt is lowered even further can see another piece of narrow black material coming of the first ant ninety degrees. Then it came to me you must be wearing a very skimpy thong.

You lower your skirt even further exposing your ass , as you do you bend over slightly . Your bare ass cheeks exposed from the line of the suspender stretching over it. I take some photographies of this gorgeous sight , trying not to let my excitement show on my face, as the skirt is lowered further and the top of your stockings come in to view . Not the usual plain black , these have fake tie ribbons at the back of them making them particularly sexy.

You eventually let the skirt fall to the floor and you turn around , it is a wonder I did not cum there and then. You looked fantastic the smooth lines of your figure , highlighted by the matching black and purple bra, suspender belt and thong finished with the black stockings and knee high boots . I take a few pictures as you stand posing, then you ask " do you like what you see?". I reply in a voice as calm and stern as I can muster "I have not seen much, so I can't say, I need to see more" and I gestured to your bra and thong.

At this your hands went behind your back and I clipped your bra , after you did this you placed your two arms over your bra at the front so the cups remained in place and then you shrugged your shoulders slightly and the straps fell for your shoulders and down your arm. Then you slowly lowered your arms letting the cups fall ever so slowly exposing your breast as you do. I actually feel my pupils get bigger as your nipples slowly come into view . The phone is forgotten about as I watch the sensual show that is unfolding in front of me. You eventually let the bra fall to the floor and can see your perfect breasts and delicious nipples as you stand there. But you have taken my comments seriously and you start to play and tease your own nipples, then to my amazement you lift your breast and lower your head and lick your nipple .

You then turn around again, showing me your beautiful back again this time the bra strap does not distract the eye from the beautiful lines .My eyes are transfixed on you and watch intently every little movement that you make.Your actually bend over , you place your hands on your legs and slowly draw them up your legs , up over your thighs and up to the waistband of your thong and you slowly pull them down. They fall to the floor and you step out off them and turn around at the same time .

You stand in front of me , with only black stocking , suspender belt and your knee length boots on . You smile at me and say " are you not going to take a picture ?". Amazed I pick up the phone and take two or three pictures of you as you pose . Although , it does not prepare me for what you do next . You sit on the bed , facing me , open your legs and you start to stroke and caress yourself breasts, arms , thighs , stomach and then your pussy . Your fingers start to stoke your lips gently , your are already excited as your lips are swollen . Your hand stroke and tease your lips and you let out a little moan as you do . I cannot move I can only watch totally fixed on what you are doing . Your other hand goes between your legs and both hands stroke and caress your now swollen pussy .

I can do nothing but watch you , you look at me and smile , and let out a gasp as you open you lips up and one hand teases and plays with your clit and you slip two fingers from your other hand inside you. Letting out a louder gasp , you smile again and say " are you enjoying the show , would you like to get closer ?". At this I moved off the chair and kneel in front of you between your legs. You move your hands and stretch open your pussy, laying if open in front of me your clit plainly visible . I move closer and take my erect cock in my hand and position myself so I can rub my cock up and down over your pussy . As soon as I touch the sensitive delicious wet flesh with my hard cock a bolt of pleasure sheers down my cock and at the same time you gasp .

I slowly move my cock up and down over your wet pussy , up and down , up and down then on one upward stroke I run my cock over and round your clit . Once , twice and then a third time my hard cock rubs over that little nub of sensitivity , each time I do you gasp and each time the gasp gets louder. Then I move down over your soft wet sensitive pussy , feeling you against me sends shivers right through me . As I get to the bottom , I cannot resist and I enter you slipping the full length of my cock deep inside you . I can feel you stretch round me, as I slip inside you , you let out a moan as my cock penetrate you to its full length. Then I withdraw fully , wait for a few moments and I slip into you again , again full into you until I feel my balls hit you. You let out a louder moan as this happens , I fight with myself , half me wants to stay deep inside you , but the other half wants to tease and pleasure you . So I withdraw fully again, as the anticipation builds I slip back inside you again pushing deep inside you again you moan even louder. A voice in my head says stay in here feel how good it is , how soft and just cum . But against this I withdraw fully again , I know that if I enter you again, I will not be able to resist and will just stay inside you and savour the feeling of your around me until I cum . So I move my cock slowly up and run if over your clit again and again .

I then lower myself , and as you still hold yourself open , I lick you from bottom to top . A slow hard lick pushing my tongue against you starting from your hole and moving up , slowly , always moving up getting closer to your clit . Just as I get near your clit and you tense waiting for the touch , I stop and move down again and lick you a second time slow , hard feeling my wet tongue against your wet swollen sensitive skin. Moving up and up all the time, moving closer to your clit , again you tense and moan as I get nearer waiting on the touch of my tongue on that sensitive little nub. But again I stop , you teased me with that fantastic strip and now it is my turn to tease you. Moving down again , and for a third time I place my tongue as flat as I can onto your wet pussy and pushing as hard as I can , start to lick you.

I place my tongue on your open pussy and push as hard as I can then slowly lick you from your hole upwards , my soft wet tongue against you , you immediately gasp and you push into my tongue . My tongue just slowly glides up your wet pussy moving up all the time, you let out a small moan in anticipation of the touch which you are expecting . Slowly moving up I am savouring the feel of you against my tongue , the taste of you and pleasure I am giving you. I still slowly move my tongue towards your clit pushing hard against you , just before the touch you have been waiting for comes I lift my tongue of you and the only touch you get is the briefest of touches as the tip of my tongue faintly flicks your clit, as I do this you let out a moan and your body bucks . I move down and start to lick you again , a slow hard lick , pushing my tongue against you ,the feel of your wet delicious skin on my tongue as it moves upward towards your clit . Your breathing gets heavier the nearer I get , this time the touch is slightly longer as the tip of my tongue runs over your clit . At the moment it does you let out a moan and say "ohhh fuck yes, don't fuckin stop "and your body twitches as your climax builds inside you . But I do stop and move down again and place my tongue on you and start the long slow lick again , my tongue moving faster in the circular motion , but just as slow and relentless on the upward movement. I can feel your hands on my head gripping me tighter as I get nearer and you start to gasp and moan . As I move my tongue slowly against your wet pussy , I bring my hands round and slowly slip a finger inside you . Your body bucks slightly as I my finger glides inside you , as glides in and out as my tongue moves up . As I get near your clit for the third time you start saying under your breath "please , please , please this time ". Your body tenses slightly as my tongue comes into contact with your clit again, as it does I slip another finger inside you and my tongue starts to lick, flick and tease your clit . Round and over , round and over my tongue does not leave your clit and at the same time my fingers glide deep inside you stretching you . Your body starts to buck as you push my head onto you and you say " lick me harder " at this I do licking and teasing your clit . This must be too much for you as your body starts to shiver and buck and you let out a " ooohhhhh fuck " as your climax takes you. As you body takes you , you push onto my mouth and fingers and I continue to lick and tease your clit and my finger still continue to tease you. I only relent when I feel your body start to relax and I slow down the attention I am giving you .

As your body relaxes and the pleasure that you achieved begins to subside. I place the middle of my bottom lip on your clit and slowly I begin to move my lip in a circular motion around and over your clit . As I do your breathing starts to get laboured almost immediately . I continue to rub and run my bottom lip over and around your clit and as I do your excitements starts to build again as you start to gasp . I move slightly and kiss your clit , once , twice and then for a third time after the third , my tongue drags over your clit . As I do this you let out a moan , so I place my mouth over you swollen wet pussy and I let my tongue take over . My tongue slowly licks around and over your clit , with just the tip of my tongue ,around and over with small slow movements , letting you savour the touch of my tongue on your clit . You start to moan and gasp but my tongue keeps the same slow pace with flicks and licks with the tip of my tongue only . All of a sudden you push done onto my tongue wanting more contact , I stop and wait a few seconds then I kiss your clit and the tip of my tongue continues where it left off but a little bit faster and harder , flicking over and round and over your clit you start to moan almost immediately. After a few more moments of this I let more of my tongue come into contact with your clit , starting to drag my wet tongue over and around it again and again , you push down again and this time I relent and push my tongue onto your clit and start to give it hard licks over and over again. I feel your hands go to the back of my head and try to push me further into you , my tongue works faster and harder on your clit over and over again and again . Your body begins to tense up as your climax builds deep inside your thighs and starts to spread across your stomach . Building and building as my tongue moves faster and harder over your clit , can feel your body begin to shake and you let out a loud "Oohhh fuck " and you climax hits you stronger and more intense than the first one . My tongue reduce the attention it is giving to your clit as you body shakes and your hands grip the back of my head , I slow my attention down as your climax starts to loosen its grip on you , until I am only breathing on your wet swollen pussy.

I raise myself up from the floor , lie beside you and take you in my arms and hold you , I can still feel your body still being affected by your climax , small shakes and a warmth in your body . I pull you closer to try and experience some of what you are , for a brief instance forgetting the dominant role that has been developing between us . After a few minutes of just holding you release you from the embrace and you roll face down onto the bed . I lie beside you looking at you, the lines of your back , flowing down to your bum only broken by the lines of your suspender belt . Then your soft lush bum leading to your stocking clad legs , I place my hand on your back and stroke it all the way down to your bum . My hands running over your soft smooth silky skin , running over your suspender belt and over your bum where you skin feels even softer .

I raise myself up and straddle you at the waist and put my hands on your shoulders and start to massage and caress them . I lean forward and kiss your back starting between your shoulders and working my way down , kissing and licking my way down your back. My lips never leaving your soft smooth delicious back. At the same time my hands caress your back following the sculpted lines , exploring every inch with hard long strokes . I shift myself down allowing me to kiss and lick my way further down your back and continue doing this until my lips reaches your bum . By this time I am back kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed. I kiss your left bum cheek , a long lingering kiss , as I finish I give your cheek a long lick , before giving your cheek another long lingering kiss , this time i take as of your cheek in my mouth and between my teeth and give you a playful bite . My hands continue to caress your back and the small of your back long hard strokes . I move my mouth and kiss your right cheek and again it is a long lingering kiss , as I finish I give your bum cheek a long hard lick , then I kiss your cheek again . As I do this my hands go around your waist , again I finish the second kiss with a little nibble of your right bum cheek. I stand up and as I do I my hand gently pull at your waist in an upward motion , you react as lift yourself up on all fours . I stand at the bottom of the bed and you are right in front of me on all fours on the bed , my erect cock brushes your bum cheek .

I place my hands on your bum and caress your cheeks gently , my hand brushing over your soft skin tenderly . I bend down and kiss the right cheek and as I finish I give you a little lick , then I kiss you again this time as I finish kissing you I take a little nibble , before moving to your left cheek and doing exactly the same . I stand up and place my hand between your legs my palm pushed hard against your wet swollen lips as I do this you let out a gasp . I stand there looking at you the lines of your back your lush bum , my hand between your thighs and I thought came to be , I wonder . I started to caress your bum again with my other hand , as I did I pushed my other hand harder against your wet pussy, you let out a little moan and pushed yourself onto hand . Just as that moment I lifted the hand caressing your bum and slapped your bum cheek , not too hard, to my surprise you let out a load moan as I did this . So I said to you "don't make me wait on you again" and at that I slapped your bum cheek again . I can see your cheek turning red a little , the hand pushed against your pussy started to move up and down over your lips , slow but hard stroke down the length of your lips , just as I reached the end of the stroke , I slapped your bum again saying " don't ever forget " as my hand made contact with your bum you let out a load moan and your body shivered all over .

As my hand continue to slowly glide over your wet lip up and down , up and down increasing the pressure each time , back and forth . I position myself allowing my erect cock to slip between your thighs and with the aid of my hand slip it between your wet lips , then I start to move the head of my cock up and down between your lips , when I reach your clit I give it a rub over and round then over and round again, before working my way back down between your lips . As I reach your wet hole , I slip my cock deep inside you , as I did I pushed your bum cheeks apart to get deeper inside you. You let out a loud moan as my cock stretches you .Then as quick as I had slipped inside you I withdrew and moved upwards your clit again , when the head of my cock runs over your clit you let out a gasp so I run over it again and get a further louder gasp . I let my cock slide back down and slip deep inside you again , this time I leave it deep inside savour the feel of you round my cock squeezing me at the base with your muscles as you do my hands part you bum again letting me get deeper and as I do you gasp again . I can feel you round me my cock stretching you , can feel your soft silky lush bum against my thighs. I look down at the beautiful sight I front of me and I say to you "fuck me " .

You start to move , grinding yourself against my cock , slipping yourself up and down along the length of me , when you have me deep inside you you grind down and move in a circular motion squeezing me with your muscle. I never thought anything could feel this good as I feel you around my cock and your ass pushed against my thighs and you continue to slip on and off my cock. To try and control myself I reach round and my hand finds your clit and I start to rub your clit over and over and round , trying to get the same rhythm as your movement sliding on and off me. You gasp and my fingers pick up the pace to match your movement . You slide on and off my cock faster and faster helped by your wetness and my pre cum . The room is filled with the sound of your bum slapping against my thigh and I can feel the tension build in my legs and I know I will not be able to last much longer . I move my hands from between your legs and place one hand on each bum cheek and gently ease them apart allowing you better penetration . On you next downward thrust I penetrate further inside you and this is to much for me and I start to move my hips and try to push in further feeling you stretch around the base of my cock . My movement and rhythm matches yours and you gasp and say "fuck me harder, fuck me". We move in unison until I spasm and push further into you you gasp and start to shiver at this extra penetration and you climax as my cock pulses and shot my cum deep inside you . You clench my cock with your muscle squeezing me as I throb and release every drop inside you and my climax still makes me spasm and push into you.

You remain on all fours with me still inside you as I bend over your back and kiss the back of your neck , at this you let your self down and lie on the bed face down , with me on top of you still inside you. We eventually move up the bed and we embrace, you with your back to me and we hold one another tight feeling each other . My chest against your back , our legs entwined can feel the wetness against my leg as we doze off in our joint afterglow.

I slowly come out of my sleep to find you gone and to the noise of water running from the bathroom. I get up off the bed and go into the bathroom . You are in the shower , you do not hear me , so I decide just to watch you . Your body is drenched in water and soap as you clean yourself , and as I watch you wash your breasts and your stomach I start to get hard . You look so beautiful and knowing I can have you anytime and anyway I want excites me even further. I find my hand on my stiff cock and I start to stroke myself slowly at first , but as I watch you wash your breasts and run your hands over your body my hand moves faster. Without realising it I let out a sigh , which you hear and you turn around and catch me with my stiff cock in my hand, you look at me with a slight smile and say" if you want me to fuck and suck that again you better come and get it washed ".

I step into the shower and we face one another , just looking into one another's eyes until I take your hands in mine and place your hands on my still stiff cock and say " I thought you need to wash this" . Still looking into my eyes you remove your hands and put some shower gel onto your hands , then taking my cock in both hands you massage the gel onto my hard cock , your hands glide up and down as the gel starts to soap up , up and down again and again. All the time you are looking into my eyes and I am looking into your . You are trying to catch any expression in my face in reaction to the way your hands are gliding up and down the length of my cock. As you move your hand up to the head of my cock , you run your thumb over and round the head on my cock and at this I close my eyes and bite my lower lip. The feel of your hand around me and the way you are looking at me is almost to much. You step forward slightly and you start to rub the head of my cock over your right breast at the same time as your hands still glide up and down the the length of my shaft. As soon as the head of my cock touches the soft smooth skin of your breast , I let out a moan and a quiet "fuck sake " . The sensation is just beyond belief.

Just as I thought it could not get any better , you direct my cock over to your hard erect nipples and you start to rub the head of my cock over and round your nipple , I let out a loud moan and the tension builds in my legs . You hands move up and down and round, the feeling of your nipple against my cock over and over again and again is to much and my body starts to tense. You sense this and increase the speed of your hands at one point you drag the head of my cock over your nipple then quickly back again and that is too much . My body starts to spasm and my cock starts to throb as I shot my cum over your nipple and breast . You continue to tease my cock rubbing it against your cum covered nipple until my spasm have stopped and you have squeezed every drop from me.

Your hand moves form my cock and you start to rub my cum into and around your nipple , your fingers trace round and over your nipple smearing my cum over your nipple and breast, you are still looking at me as you are doing this eyes never leaving mine . You then bring your fingers up to your mouth and like them tasting my cum . You smile at me and say " you taste so good " . Then you take your breast in your hand lower your head and lick your cum covered nipple .

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In my mind, I have tasted. 

These satin nights where I 
long for the silk of your kiss. 
My thoughts and my most 
secret place quiver for you. 

I want what your eyes have seen, 
what your heart has known. 
How I crave your essence, 
the poison of perfection. 

I ache for every part of you 
to fit within. Your breath, 
your words slipping beneath 
my skin, pulling me from the softest
Edges of sleep. 

I squirm in my chair, trying 
to push my world against yours. 
I yearn for your wandering hands. 
The luxurious intoxication of your love. 

I want you to burn for me 
the way I burn for you. 
To grow drunk off the pleasure- 
pain of loving you. 

Lift my dress and fill me 
with your sweet madness. 
Hammer your world into me.   
I crave to know the pictures 
our shadows draw together. 

I want you locked 
inside me forever. 
Please, fall back into me. 
Love the life out of me. 

Shut my eyes. Silence 
my lips with your fingertips. 
Show me it’s simply 
enough to feel.

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Burnt Offerings

Go softly. 
Do not grow substantial, 
let me taste you on the day, 

Envelop me 
in an agony of passion, 
distilled perfume of sheets, 
anguish and defeat. 

My mouth seeks to anchor you. 
I deep throat a magnolia. 
My tongue learns textures, 
the shape of your secrets. 

Teach me this raw, quivering imagery. 
It is all sweet contact, 
a perfection of collarbones, 
never enough. 

Elude me to the point of madness, 
then claim complete surrender. 
Pull my body onto yours, 
slide me into place. 

I am haunted by a kiss, 
the slowness of innocent things. 
Your hand creeps under my dress, 
fingers poised for the kill 

as you bury my mouth 
in yours, 
but just breathe. 
Just.  Breathe.

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He found her on a mound 
of white satin, her feet 
encased in scarlet ballet 
slippers, the silk ribbons 
crossed to her knees. 

She drank in his scenery, 
she was a child of obsession. 
Inhaling smoke as if hungry 
beyond sanity, she continued 
to watch him, and he permitted 
her this. 

When he touched her, he did not 
feel her skin, only her need: 
gold-tipped bubbles frothing 
in a glass of radiant wine. 
He saw the scrim of fog 
beneath her flesh, illuminated 
by hanging scarlet lanterns. 

His sex was a silver cage of sparrows 
fluttering within a baptismal light. 
Scarlet wings folded underneath her, 
providing a feathery cushion. 
She moved her lips to moan his name 
and a raven flew from her mouth. 

Lavender flooded her veins as she 
received him, her climax a million 
diamonds scattered upon black water.

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I need 
everything that is you 
everything that is haunted 
raw and visceral 

I want your olive skin 
pressed in contrast against my white flesh 
every pore of my being 
opening for you 

every step of this searing choreography 
of tongues 

making me tremble at the dance we create 
as you draw out lyrical measures of pleasure 
slow arpeggiations 
a wet ticking of my soul’s metronome 

of unnameable joys so profound 
the taste of pain in my mouth 
fingers pillaging my core 
hands hard and twisting in my hair 

as I feed on you 
my gaze devouring your strained, beautiful visage 
my own hands gripping at sheets 
knuckles gone white in primal fever 

a sweet uninterruption 
suffused with light 
while you bury your face 
in my darknesses 

ready to fall into that dazzling abyss 
while you are so deliciously composed 
so practiced 
years of this kind of training sly on your lips 

crying when your control begins to loosen 
ignoring my pleas 
selfishly taking from me 
your own satisfaction 

mouths locked 
as I lock each note 
of your ragged breath 
into the symphony of my memory 

how I ache to be used by you 
moaning at your beautiful violence 
tracing your long scar with my tongue 
that perfect flaw 

while you slide too-full inside 
an exacting fit 
your turgid length like a pen 
pressing deep into the book of my body 

women have a need to own things 
and for a very brief moment 
I own you 
am able to keep a part of you forever 

so I might take you home 
let you ferment into something 
something I can put in my treasure box 
or press in a book like a rose

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your voice is its own poetry 
sex-dripped noir     
mouth in black and white 
slain over mine 
our tongues stitched together 

your breath     
sings of the city 
of smoke 
your black trench coat 
shielding my naked flesh 
from the night 

you galvanize me 
but this love is a prison 
a room I cannot escape 
the walls papered 
in your words 
your moans at my ears 

sometimes I get chills 
thinking of you 
fingers lightly fluttering 
down my spine 

if I'm alone and can't be seen 
I caress my skin 
my breasts 
licking my lips 
savoring the taste 
of your name 
whispering from them 

all day I imagine 
your hands 
slowly raising my skirt 
your palm 
at my petal-soft sex 

your fingers 
dancing along the part of me 
stretched wide with yourself 

I want you 
pushing into me 
your eyes piercing 
into mine 

as you swallow my screams 
with your mouth 
and tongue

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A Dream Fulfilled

Inspired by the1928 silent film Pandora’s Box, where the girl Lulu (played by the unforgettable Louise Brooks), whose beauty has inspired such tragedy in others, meets her match, Jack the Ripper. 

I do not know it yet 
but I have been wandering 
the streets for you 

I’m a woman who has released 
such tragic outcomes 
the deepest darknesses within others 

perhaps it is because 
of the impossible beauty 
I was granted 

as soon as I see you 
I want you 
my blood 
obeying your eyes 

no words pass between us 
the hunger in your eyes 
mimics mine 

as you lead me 
into an attic room 

I light a candle 
for it is Christmastime 
I have finally been given 
the gifts I deserve 


somehow I am still merry 
in the glow of the flame 
you reach for me 

straddle me upon your lap 
I feel your erection 
straining against 
the tattered silk of my dress 
I welcome it 

our mouths lock 
I am filled with you 
The rightness only a stranger can give

it is then 
and only then 
I have met satiation 

for lack of a better word 

soon your knife 
shall caress my throat 
cold steel pressed lovingly 
against my fevered skin 

there shall not be a scream 
merely a softened sigh 

I shall meet 
with what I have longed for 
though I never even knew 

by a sexual maniac  
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