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smriks playfully

(+Ashlynn Elric​)
Little Red Riding Hood

Everyone says they know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We all know it, they'd say. But do we? Do they know the truth behind Shays story?

~past time~
[December 26th 1697]

Shay relaxed softly as he sat on the soft, cold, white snow. Winter was his favorite time of year, yo him, it was beautiful. He always tried his best to see the god in things, and ignore the bad things. But sometimes, it was difficult.

as Shay looked around he suddenly seen a black wolf run past him. As instinct he quickly got to his feet and took off the opposite way. As he ran his red hood fell off his jet back hair and followed behind him, flapping around.

Shay finally gave up on running as he turned to face the large black wolf. The wolf started walking towards Shay as he gulped in fear. But Shay was surprised when he'd seen the wold turn into a tall man with a white wolf mask. The man stood in front of Shay and looked down on him. With that, Shay slowly removed the man's mask

From that day on, (Y/N) and Shah lived in a house in the woods. What learned many things like; (Y/N) wasn't trying to scare Shay , he was actually scaring off another wold, and that (Y/N) is a wolf that leads a ferocious pack.

Shay never liked it when (Y/N) would be out late since he'd come home made, needy, or both. Plus Shay would get scared incase (Y/N) would get hurt. (Y/N) had a very short temper and lose control at times. (Y/N) had laid hands on Shay a few times, but Shay never complained. He'd whine and whimper, but never yell or scream out.

It didn't help that they were very sexual. (Y/N) would try to get Shay to play. Especially when it became mating season, (Y/N) would not take no for an answer. Shay admitted that he hated vanilla sex, and he loves pain. So, (Y/N) would take it for advantage

[October 30th, 1698]
[12:43 am]

(Y/N) had gotten home from the pack. When walking in (Y/N) realized Shay sitting on the couch. He quickly shot up and hugged (Y/N)

Thank god your alright


//5+ lines, every now and then you can do less, it happens
//will have adventure, action, romance, fantasy, yaoi, and hentai
//give description or photo of character unless you want to be the man in the photos
//answer question to get a pp-
Why was (Y/N) chasing Shay?
//seme needed
//if you would like to add certain kinks, ask first
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Hoi my name is Alice though I may look younger than what I am but I am really 16, you see I was dragged down to wonderland by a man well white rabbit named Peter White and left me on the clock tower where I met Julius Ringmony. There is also a mafia named Hatter mafia, with Blood the mad hatter, the bloddy twins twedle Dee and Dum, Eliot the march hair, then the Queen of hearts Viladadi with the prime minister Peter white also known as the white rabbit and knight of hearts Ace though he is more loyal to Julius than the queen, Boris aray the Cheshire cat then Marry growland he is the amusement Park's owner. Oh and I forgot nightmare Godstock he is a sickly incubus he hates taking his medicines and is a dream demon though he is pretty creepy. However I needed to let you know that Peter likes me or should I say loves me as does everyone sense I am an outsider. Also lives here are treated like dirt and anything can be turned into a weapon. The time here is random it's noon then it is morning then night then evening. talking to reader then sighs now let us get on with the rp.

I was walking through town and irritated with all the people here I keep walking without thinking I bump into you another outsider and falls down off I am so sorry i should have looked where I was going.
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Is anyone on?!?!

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Hello my name is Naruko Uzumaki and I'm new here pleased to meet you all 😘

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I was in a abandoned building and my hands were chained up,and my head was hanging down,and the people who kidnapped me abused me

+XxLilithGamingxX 9090

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You-I practice more, you strap me to a table, you insert something into my neck, it shows me the truth, I think I wake up, you walk over to me and aim a gun at my chest I love you.. you "shoot me, I jump awake, breathing heavily, you walk over and undo the restraints, which were for your protection

+Ashlynn Elric

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((You have to have a made up character when we role play))

i was in my room reading with my friend rin okumura,and you knocked on my dorm door

+lapis lazuli

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Nickname:Minney bye a freind but she prefers Miumi
Sexuality: straight
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