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The Revolution of Callisto is progressing well, as we complete the second cycle and start the third.

The revised rules for projects and the National Assembly, in particular, are working out excellently. The players are taking advantage of them to get a lot of things done collaboratively that I never foresaw.

The big, shared national statistics also look like they're working. Giving people a handful of chunky, shared variables to talk about and influence has kept this game feeling anchored, at least from where I sit in the moderator's chair.

The players have sent 84 letters and counting! The most any of them has read is 8, so I imagine I've got a better grasp of the big picture at the moment...

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The Tower of Callisto book is available for download:

I included the character sheets and a bunch of notes, so hopefully it'll be helpful if you're looking for examples for setting up your own game.

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Signups are now open for my next Callisto game: Revolution of Callisto!

The king is imprisoned! The Republic has been proclaimed! All are equal: no longer are there nobles or peasants. Now we are all citizens. The cafés are abuzz with revolutionary ideas and stories of new scientific discoveries. But the Republic is surrounded by enemies too.

The Republic is a grand experiment. For the first time, our destiny is in our own hands, to shape as we will. What will we build on this foundation?

Hello world!

Are there currently any active games looking for players, or anyone looking to start up a game?

I'm preparing to referee a Callisto game set in a classical/feudal land of noble intrigue. Are there any suggestions, tips, secrets, or methods to making a good game of Callisto?

For example,

What narrative powers are must-have?

Is keeping people's narrative powers secret a big deal?

What are some mistakes that you would want to avoid making?

Hello all. I recently picked up Callisto off DriveThru and I'm interested in running a test game because it looks super fun.  Any advice for first time games?  What's a good number of people?

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Something I've been working on for the past few weeks: a management suite for the Callisto ref. Takes all of that data I was assembling by hand and puts it in one dashboard. My hope is that it will streamline the process of running the game (or any other moderated play-by-email game).

It's not as pretty or polished as it could be, but it can already pull live data from a Gmail folder, redact the player's names and email addresses, and display it.

Live demo:
Github repository:

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Announcing my next Callisto game:
Time for adventures on the Silk Road. Tell your friends!

Hey there - I've been reading Callisto and thinking about running it for the off season of my boffer LARP as a thing to do for my players.  I'm trying to wrap my mind around goals and narrative authority.  

Are there a list of good/interesting NAs that people have successfully used?  i know there are a couple of examples in the book, but if everyone should have at least one, and (I'm assuming) they shouldn't overlap, it's not enough.  

Should the player have an NA that makes sense for his character to have (Wizard has NA over how magic works, etc.)  If the NAs don't have anything to do with the character, how does it ever come to pass that they'll be able to dictate how the thing works (like, if the leader of the thieves guild arbitrates magic, and nothing magical ever crosses his desk, how is anything resolved?)

Similar with goals, if a wizard has magical ambitions AND narrative authority over magic, it seems too resolvable, but a wizard with non magical goals may well not be a wizard at all (or some sort of post modern seinfeld wizard).  

I realize I'm using wizard a lot, and I do understand that this is not a game to model magical theory precisely or intricate wargaming.   Just trying to get a list of attributes together so I can pitch the idea to my LARPers.  Thanks a bunch!
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