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Social media based co-learning offers us vast potential to deal with an ever-changing, globalized world.

We use of available and new technology’s to facilitate a positive dialogue and understanding between the world’s 21st century youth. A fantastic challenge for all educational professionals and our young learners!

Our international program for cross cultural co-learning (for personal and professional development) offers students and their teachers a safe environment for global co-learning with the aid of simple social media applications.

Students from different cultures and different parts of the world work on shared assignments from home or from within the classroom. Join our project for cross cultural co-learning for personal development and global good.
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This page concerns setting up an action plan. It also contains a set of icons or symbols that are really useful in making your plan readable at a glance. 
I hope you like it!

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I always seem to run out of time, often finding it hard to get everything done that I am supposed to. So, I researched the topic of "placing priorities" and put this page together with clear and concise advice how to prioritize better. What do you think? 

#settingpriorities #managementskills #businessskills

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We all write Emails. 
- but do you know how many of your emails get read? And read properly? Are you getting the point across in your emails? 

Here are a quick few tips on how to write Emails effectively. Worth taking a look....

Thank you for the invite, I will share any new information and research to keep us as  psychologically healthy as possible, take care Alison.

Baie dankie vir die uitnodiging om deel te wees van jou groep! 

Hey thanks for the invitation to the community. We're actually a 3rd party seller of educational resources so just wanted to check if there were rules on posting about selling things, essentially self promotion. I obviously think our site is great, but don't want to be annoying people!

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Thank you so much for the invitation to join this outstanding community!  #Honored.

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This is a very useful concept: developing a "Learning Map" with modules that the learner can choose from - until they have the "complete picture". 

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International success depends on collaboration, not just competition
For institutions that value student experience and its impact on employability in a global market, internationalisation means more than overseas recruitment, says Aldwyn Cooper
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