Is there a list of compatible bluetooth display devices that work with MAPMYFITNESS apps? Possibly with reviews or rations. I have tried the casio watch which failed miserably to maintain a connection and I am currently using a Pebble Watch but I would like to know what other options are available.

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Can the MapMyRide smartwatch app work without the phone app? I just got a Moto 360 Sport smartwatch and tried using the app and got a "GPS disabled" message (even though GPS is turned on) and was told to open the app on the phone.
I'd like to use it totally on the watch and leave the phone at home. Is it possible?

This may not have much to with the app but I'm wondering what bluetooth headsets everybody is using and how you like them.  I had a pair of Plantronics Backbeat that served me for years that finally died this summer. 

An hour of Jujitsu this morning, working on ukemi 

Anyone else having random pause/start issues with build 3.8.1?  Today, during a power walk, MapMyFitness must have 'paused' at least (no exaggeration) 10 times on my Galaxy S5.  Never had an issue before today.  Very annoying.

I bought the Rhythm + Heart Rate monitor and am using MMF with it. As far as I can tell the heart rate is not included in the calorie calculation. I filled out the settings including my max heart rate and I can certainly see my heart rate during a session and what zone I am in, but the calorie calculation is exactly the same whether I am in zone 1 or 5 or for that matter the HRM is turned off.  

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Brooks Adrenaline 11, Brooks Ghost 6 GTX, some wool socks, and running shorts for Christmas! DId a short walk / jog with the dog but just wicked psyched to get out - it's 45 degrees!!! Used the adrenaline on this jog and the cushioning is awesome.

Is it just me, or do the notes from the daily journal disappear the next day?

Anyone know if it's possible to make your own intervalscheme for running like they have on runtastic, and let the phone tell you when to speed up or slow down

I just received the latest update that allows me to tie into Google Fit.  Can anyone let me know how I can do that?  Thanks in advance.  
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