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Please be so kind and spread the word about our Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo to raise money for the making of a Documentary about the poaching of Rhino and other Endangered Wildlife at

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#worldenvironmentday   #worldenvironmentday14  

let me take a moment of your time and update you on what is happening out there, portraying truth to influence social changes.

Please Check out my new #ink361 online shop! Buy my photos online! -  You can also donate this way to various projects like MSF( Doctors Without Borders) or Story Of River - the contribution will be 100% of the earnings and you will receive your prints as you have chosen them.

Thank you for supporting my work, it's not easy and I'm getting lot of help from several interns and volunteers around the world, these people who are making all this real need you to be supporting them as well. Your contribution matters to us, allows us to keep focus on documenting and changing the global issues which are both yours and mine as well. My circle of close helpers and supporters with daily activities are currently located all around the globe: Sharla in California, Eve in New York, Nick in London, Ivan in London, Katarina in Bratislava, Lucia in Prague, Manfreid in Vienna, Mark in Washington D.C., Victoria in Kiev, Jang in Kuala Lumpur and Robert in Sydney. I'm personally operating in Eastern Europe in various projects, Jan

You can follow our newest project with Environmental Faculty of Ecology in Bratislava and City of Wien collaboration | Story Of River


Please contact us for selected pictures, we will put up each without watermarks so you can buy them in higher quality and then they will be free to be shared. All in higher quality too!

You can also use this new opportunity for donating 100% of the income for each print to Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in UK or Lékaři bez hranic / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Czech Republic  or support the new Project Story Of River  in any case please contact us for which MSF organisation you would like to support with your contribution.

Having questions? Want to send feedback? Missing something? drop a line to

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My Channels, feel free to explore, each is totally different

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Hello I am a River and my name is Donau, Дунав, Dunav, Dunărea, Dunaj, Дунай, Dunai, Danube. Coming soon Čoskoro prichádza Wirklich bald kommen #follow

River #Donau   #Duna   #Danube   #Dunaj
follow #storyofriver   #savethehumans #worldwithjan  

This one you have to help us to make it, to change the future of the river. You can join us in our campaign soon. #Aid   #Help   #Donate   #Crowdfund   #Conservation   #Fieldwork   #Auen  

Meanwhile you can check on this one, a new conservation project I'm helping to start with however I won't be involved in the long run it's a piece for ecologist in eastern Europe, this river spins on 10 countries. I mean quite a journey, interesting stories to tell, sadly so far and the future will be up to us to make it different. PS: the logo is a Sea-eagle with a danube river carp in his feet. Both the bird and the fish are merely gone now. The fish tend to be extinct at parts it was flourishing for centuries. At least we have the hover-dams right? 

This project will need a lot of support, therefor it will from beginning run in four languages English, German, Hungarian and Slovak. Fair enough. Initiated by the people from the Environmental Ecology Groups. I believe they are pissed, as everybody else should be, projects like this are somehow existing more in the PR than in the field work out there. 

Love to kick some ass. 

Stay with us, and be good! Or I send a poetry falcon over (As in the secret life of Walter Mitty!). Experience the limits of the Human Spirit.

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putting into community funding, however project is funded and the book is available for 35 British Pounds. On Patrick's site you can see inside the book, here is a story from me about the stuff that went over this project for it's last voyage of finally appearing as a solid piece of Documentary Photography. A sacrifice.
Crazy Man, when the whole raised funding went boloney, I must say here not by fault of Mr. Brown. He wanted to provide the book for everybody who took part in the financing. That was Autumn last year. Now, a less than a year later Mr. Brown ships the book like nothing happened. And it was what like 28.000$ Dollars given specifically to this book. And zeng the next day all were gone.

This is the emphasis on his audience in action, a true commitment in changing the illegal wildlife trade, for one it is sure now he did it. An Analog Photographer with black and white prints on a 10 year old project has just been like stampede all over the #Earth . For Animals, and us, a true conservation commitment. A Stranger than fiction.

Another story from the far fetched of the few who tried and failed, yet I rather be in this club than succeed in some utter dull gibberish. Thank you Patrick Brown for standing up to the ultimate test of 'no words can even explain'.

For me, this makes a difference, no matter of the past, while we fight for the future. One of the things I thought are lost, which I cherished the most, not out in public since, I had to keep all the guys happy in the crowd-funding fantasy realm of let's try it differently. 50 of 60, projects that made a difference. Some even more then they desired really. I lost so much it's beyond counting, one day I believe it make a story of it's own, no matter the bad butter all around, Trading to Extinction just proves me wrong, that it made some sense and it managed to survive. With the bad blood, or without. It makes a huge difference for me, it always will.

After all, the most important here is we are Trading to Extinction , so let's stop this one people. No matter me, or Mr. Brown, or the Black and White book that supposed to be doomed in existence. Just act, just go and make a difference.

formerly from
now Root at The Archives of It

to order the book you can do it here:

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INFO: No donations / funding options yet. Coming soon.

Please consider contributing to our new conservation and species endemic reintroduction #storyofriver Story Of the River - #Auen #austria #luznelesy #meadows #flooda #retisasok #donau #danube #hungary #moldova #romania #blacksea #kingfisher #seaeagle #eagle #danubecarp #waterbird

Featured #documentary starts! #storyofriver The Story Of the River - Auen Luzne Retisasok - Please contribute for creation of this International Project Worldy Unique Endemic Species Largest Drinking Water Underground Resorvoirs In European Uniln #Kingfisher #Evian #Controversy #Blacksea #Romania #conserve #protect On Filming Location #Meadows #Hungary #Slovakia #Austria Over the month of June I'm starting to work on my new major project following #Danube and this time All the way! Our work with the #Natural Sciences Faculty and Environmental #conservation with the lead of Main Slovak #Ornitologist #Professor and few of living people from founding #Tatras #National #Park the #birds #bird watcheea and students will be working to reintroduce several #delta #dunaj #endemic #species originally based here and now moved to souter regions of Hungary and Romania, escaping the destructiom of #unesco #world #heritage #site over building #communist made #hoverdam #gabcikovo completely dooming the wildlife of #seaeagle #eagle #orliak #retisasok the original fresh #water #fish living up to #Germany danube #carp also #vysa #visa being the larget #fresh and #river living fish with length going inti up to 10 meters, average 5 to 7 meters, size wise as #basking #baskin and #whale #shark #followus #followback #instacool #instagood #planetary #planetearth #earth #ocean #onassignement #auen #auendonau #donaue #naturische #nature #noprotection #abuse #save #future #kids #donate #fundraise
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