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More than 400 responses so far, InWorldz and Kitely with most votes, followed by OSgrid and Metropolis.

But some grids like JapanOpenGrid or the French or German grids have almost no responses. Please rate your grid!

Deadline for submissions is on Saturday -- please pass the word!

For anyone who didn't get +Hax Fumi s post below, they are having some serious Typhoon action and flooding in Japan, and Japan Open Grid is down for the moment!

I am sure everyone joins me in wishing our Japanese friends and their families a safe few days!


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+Nishimura Hajime  has done a wonderful job in his Arcadia/Aley themed additions to the Abyss Observatory on Japan Open Grid. The main landing point now has a big  education and science oriented teleport hub, with the Sanctuary Museum front and center! From the hub you can TP to the Nautilus exhibit, an extremely well thought out interactve display of Jules Vernes Nautilus concept, featuring Aley's sumptuous interpretation of Captain Nemo's beloved vessel. Really impressive stuff!!
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Arriving at Brepons weekly dance this Easter Sunday we had a nice surprise from xenlon keng..Mesh bunny outfits and backpacks.

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本日よりJapan Open GridのGardenOasisにてイースターイベントが始まります!

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You can still get Demon Costumes and a bean poster scattered around The Japan Paradise Test 1 area!!! あなたの日本オープングリッドをありがとうございました!!
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Here are some instructions to make Hina dolls for girl`s day!!!!!

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Here is the translation:
Over w is that we have been enjoying beans beans dance in JOG today 
Onikko festival was interesting Death ♪ 
Over you all good dream 
+.゚㋔㋳゚+.゚(。ρω-。)゚+.゚㋜㋯゚+ なさいーー♪
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I think what we missed was the Setsubun Festival:(
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