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This was the JOG grid Christmas Party at Garden Oasis..enjoy!

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Walking around JOG Center Regions
hop:// Center Sim/128/128/22

the foot prints are
1.JOG Center Sim
3.JOG meets

The B.G.M is comporsed by Eito Yazaki who is one of JOG members.
Japan Open Grid (JOG)のセンター地区あたりをウロウロしてみた動画です。3Dマウスをつかって撮影してみました。

撮影場所はJOGのビジターセンター地区のセンター →出島→ミーツです。

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The river near my place is much swelled by the torrential rainstorm. However I'm OK at present.
From Akita Prefecture, Japan.

秋田3地点で氾濫 安全確保を 2017年7月23日

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Now we are having Dance party with John , Paul , George and Ringo :p
It is at Beat Rush (JapanParadise Region) in JOG.
We will have the party every Saturday Night (JPT 22-24pm / SLT 5-7am )
Come and Join us ! hop://


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"Kiki's Delivery Service" was made into a new TV commercial of Cup Noodle 『HUNGRY DAYS 魔女の宅急便 篇』in Japan.
Kiki is 17-year-old high school student in it.

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Remodelling..amazing work

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2017-4-2(Sun) 22:00(JST)


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Hello everyone :)
Shimakami high school festival began in "Shimakami region" of the Japan Open Grid.
Since it has been a variety of exhibitions in each classroom, it will be fun and also you maybe.
Pumpkin hunt for the duration of the festival takes place.
It is a hunt to find a pumpkin of a different color, but Pumpkin does not appear not to answer to the quiz from the "boo"
I'm sorry, but those questions in Japanese only. It might be fun to answer the quiz in intuition :)

Shimakami high school festival Web page

Announcements of events

Pumpkin Hunt
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