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Here is the latest audio update on where we're at in our move to Malta. It includess closing our UK business operations, a medical operation and the concerns that are growing that we may not be able to find a ferry crossing! 

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Here is a short recording of where we are at and the challenges we are facing. There include - 2 weeks to my operation, how to clear a house full of memories and we haven't started to think about the journey - let alone launching our new businesses in Malta! Stress!

Looking forward to the hoped for relative calm of Malta and the way of life in the Med

Where we're at! ...

There is a lot going on with us. I am closing my business down gradually (it is horrible, my clients are really going to miss me and I'm going to miss their dogs ...blubbed a little today when a client gave me a card "signed" by all her dogs (both passed on and her current 3 goldies) 

Maria is in Malta helping her mum - she has now got Power of Attorney and has signed a 5 year lease for a very good price (250 Euros) a month for 2 bed ground floor apartment with yard and walking/mobility scooter distance from St Thomas Bay

We are getting closer to exchanging contracts on the house  - getting lots of questions from solicitors - fingers crossed this will all go through - especially now that we are closing down the businesses more officially. 

I have started to empty the loft (a massive job) and have a bonfire going almost continuously now - it's amazing how much rubbish you can accumulate over 50 years. However when you look at it you wonder why you've kept it. 

Fortunately Maria has taken photo albums (or some of them) with her on the current trip - don't want to lose them - but apart from that it's all rubbish - which is why it's in the attic I suppose!! 

Less than 3 weeks until my shoulder operation so I need to do as much as possible before then. I may come out to Malta for a week or 2 for recuperation - but I expect it will be very warm. Maria says it's high 20's at the moment and has trouble sleeping. For some reason, that I'm not clear on, she isn't switching on the A/C. 

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A lot has been happening since the last post - take a look at it now and let us know your thoughts. Ever had to close a business that you've sweated blood to create?! 

What a week!!

Looks like Maria has found a Pet Grooming salon for our new business in Malta. She visited while over there earlier this week and draft lease agreement is being drawn up! 

And .... 

Today we accepted an offer on our house in the UK!! 

Looks like we are going to Malta! 

Don't want to curse it .. shouldn't get excited until contracts are exchanged, but hey!! 

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 +Maria Church  is over in Malta at the moment as her mother is ill in hospital. She will be there for a good few weeks (months) yet and won't be coming home. 

She may never get back to her 2nd floor apartment and had already arranged to move to a ground floor flat in July - but this was before her illness took hold. 

We hope she will still be able to take up the lease, but it is early days. 

Maria and I still intend to move to Malta once we have sold our house (not a lot of interest at the moment). We will, at least for the short term take over the 2nd floor apartment in Marsaskala. 

One of the problems Maria has had to surmount this week is rehoming Olly & Dolly, her mum's cats. We think she has pulled it off after a lot of calls and facebooking. 

They are to be collected today and as they are unlikely to be re-homed due to their age, they will see out their days at the rescue centre. 

A donation of 250 Euros plus a monthly commitment and offer to ensure their vaccinations are paid for has saved their lives! 

Well done Maria, you've done some amazing stuff this week and I'm hoping your mum continues to get better each day. 

Have a great new life Olly & Dolly - sorry you've had to go but it'll be for the best xxx

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Here is a blog post from earlier in the month explaining some of our frustrations. It was written before we got some mews on Maria's mums health...

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Heads up on the latest podcast - MTTM003 - it's not live on the blog (at yet but here is a sneak preview 

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Here is the latest blog post that is live on the site - explaining the scare we've had - the hard time Maria is having (over in Malta) and the learning curve we are just starting on ...
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