The rain pours down and soaks into my clothes. I had a feeling that it would rain and I had been so stupid not to bring a coat. I stand up and run back home as fast as I can. OUCH. BLACKOUT. The next moment I wake up and I have no idea where I am...

(Fem!South Italy x Anyone)

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Name: Catherine Hawks (aka cat)
Age: 16 ( December 3, 1818)
Personality: varies
Likes: food, sweets, animals, nice people, etc.
Dislikes: spicy food, mean people, etc.

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which on of you lucky guys has the guts and great taste to date my friend +Alice Kirkland? Any Volunteers? I'm sure she'll take anyone of you! She's up for grabs!
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name: Julia gazzina
age: 17
gender: female
nationality: Italian
likes: art, music, singing, summer, the beach, TOMATOES etc
dislikes: horrors, scary things, francis's (France) flirtish personality
personality: sweet, kind, helpful, smart
bio: Julia is best friends with feliciano (Italy) but doesn't seem to get along well with lovino (Romano) even though she secretly has a major crush on him. Julia is very kind and loves to do art but she wants to be a singer even though she doesn't think she can do it. Julia has known the Vargas family since she was very little (2-3 years) thats why she's so close to them and why she knows more things about the Vargas brothers then others.
(me and my kitten snow flake in the pic)

sits on park bench after having a fight with Lovino until he walks up to me go away lovino! looks away
((male lovino role-player needed))

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sits near a lake looking out as I
Have my dark blue headphones on and they have a design of back music notes all over them on as I put some of my music on and I start singing beautifully as I hit every note perfectly and I'm wearing a lose Uk tank top with booty shorts as my hair is down to my butt in length and sways a little ((London (Canada) x Any male country)) 
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stands alone out side the meeting hall waiting for Matthew(Canada) to come out Geezz these meetings take forever i look at my watch as I put my hood up to cover my face and hair It's so cold every country comes out of the room for a break then suddenly you bump into me
(( London (Canada) x male country hoping for Germany, Italy, England, Greece )) 

AU Texas x Male Guardian angel! Anyone) you have been watching me since I was young & would help me when I was in danger or was sad, but never revealed yourself to me until I was 18. Years have past & now I'm 18 & you show yourself to me at last in human form of a teenage boy & said to me that you had protected me since I was young & I don't believe you How can that be?!??

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Black butler cross over))

Aline walks into town to sign a contract with someone. All of a sudden she bumps into someone.

anyone want to rp with me?
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