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Hello all. I have created an archive of this community. The link to the .zip file on Google Drive is here: Please let me know if you have any issues accessing it! I'll also post the link over on the YoonSuin subreddit shortly.

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One of the players in my home Labyrinth Lord game likes to sketch while we play. I present: Her character, Ashe the half-orc Trollborn Warrior, and Spider, one of three shishi guardians of a hermit who put the party up for the night.
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Am I the only one who sees Yoon-Suin adventure seeds while watching this game trailer?

Arte inspiracional para Yoon-Suin :

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My latest (and probably last) contribution to this G+ group - the Oligarchy of Bhojpur in my year-long Yoon-Suin game.

Can someone help me find a blog post? I forget which blog it was and even if the post had any setting or system attached to it, but it generated 'demons' and the whole style was very Yoon-Suinian.

Maybe someone has that in their bookmarks of resources?

I've been thinking about running 'Yoon-Suin: The Purple Land' using Scarlet Heroes. Now while the Fighter and Thief give me all I'd need for the most part I have been wondering about doing my own twist for the Magic-User and Cleric. These classes do exist by default in Yoon-Suin but very little concrete information or evidence is given on the nature of magic in that setting, leaving quite a bit open to interpretation.

Given I'd live to portray Yoon-Suinian magic as much more vague and funky, I've decided that I would not separate magic into Arcane and Divine. Or Psionics. Rather I'd intertwine it all together in one big 'mush' which combine the trappings of all three.

Hence I've been thinking of making a generic 'magician' class for it, which could be used to represent priests, fakir, mentalist and other weirdoes. I thought of making it like the abilities of the Scion Wyrd in Red Tide. Some powers are direct spells, some are rituals, some are passive effects.


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This is a Pallas' Cat, also known as a Manul. It live in the mountains of Central Asia. Do I have any interesting Yoon-Suin twist for it? Not really, I just thought it's a mundane animal that is cute and interesting and would definitely be found in the Mountains of the Moon. Either regular ones or giant ones using Lion stats or maybe even a much stranger supernaturally potent variant.

Just gotta have cute mountain kitties, you know?

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Drew this up today using hex kit as a sample section of the eastern side of the Topaz Isles, one of my favorite adventuring locales from Yoon-Suin. Left in coordinates to easily key in your own encounters, hope on making a bunch of these soon.

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