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The quick availability of new domain names (50.000 USD per extension and ready within 2 months time) represents a large opportunity to the iptv organisations that are NOT traditional TV broadcasters.

Joint update of August 13, 2013 of AltRootFoundation and Multiwebsphere:


Especially for all those who would like to bring iptv to the home/consumers, but are bypassed by traditional broadcasters who enlarge towards 'interactive TV' but keep out many interesting 'niche players', hobby's broadcasters (as gardening), sports broadcasters (as golf, sailing etc.).

For all those who want: can provide:

1) a new domain name extension, like .golf (costs: 50.000 USD, ready within 2 months - far quicker and cheaper than ICANN) - and any other you like that is not yet online

2) an own browser, like 'Golf browser'. With such a custom made browser, a golf fan can automatically see the right channels (like all .golf channels), see golf news on the side, etc. Price per custom made browser: 20.000 USD.

For the application for a new domain name extension, you are kindly asked to turn to

For a custom made browser, you are kindly asked to turn to

Both organisations work together, but is (as competitor of ICANN) responsible for the authorisation of new domain name extensions (which is much faster and cheaper than through ICANN) and Multiwebsphere is the Germany based technology firm that makes browsers, search engines (as and DNS. Probably, is the only company except giants Microsoft and Google that have alle 3 in one hand (3: browser, DNS and search engine).

If you go 'on the market' to get an own custom made browser including source code, it costs you at least two years and 1 M USD. Multiwebsphere offers it for 20.000 USD within 2 months.

Joint update of AltRootFoundation and Multiwebsphere, August 13, 2013

Wir such einen Deutsch-sprachigen Registranten für die weitere Registrierung und Hosting von .berlin Domain Namen.

( ist zum Beispiel schon zu sehen, mit dem Multiwebsphere browser)
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