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Name: Nicole Reyes

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Native American

Occupation: Shaman

Personality: Playful, careing, nice, friendly, ect

Likes: Native American fashion, music ((Including country)), nice people, magic, romantic activities, ect

Dislikes: Rudeness, mean people, ect

+zεкεяια тнє νєηgєƒυl σηє*As Kurumi sits at a cafe with Cthulhu* Kurumi: "One time I met a sergal Cthulhu" *She says as she drinks her decaf coffee*

+zεкεяια тнє νєηgєƒυl σηє​ Location: Tokyo, Japan] Time: 3:00 PM] *It was daytime in Tokyo, Boon was chilling at a cafe in the Akiharabra district until she sees a man in his twenties wearing a black and red suit and tie along with ankh necklace around his neck and the eye of Horus tattoo on his left eye*

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((Note that artworks doesn't belong to me))
Name: Boon Digges
Age: 26
Gender: Female/shemale
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Spotted hyena/wild dog
height: 7'3
Personality: Crude, friendly, romantic, lazy and can be easily aggravated
Hobbies: Weight lifting and wrestling
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+zεкεяια тнє νєηgєƒυl σηє*It was night time in Tokyo, Japan, Kurumi was relaxing while walking around the neon lit streets before going to a night club*
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+Zekeria The Dark​ Location: Tokyo, Japan] Time: 6:00 PM] *As Solana wakes up and gets around before seeing the first issue if the Sega Saturn magazine laying on her doorstep* Solana: "Heh Sega Saturn was the stuff during my childhood" *She says to herself before chatting with Nyarlepthotep on a chatroom site on her phone [Solana: So Nyarlepthotep I got something to show you] *She types as she sends the photo of the magazine to the chatroom*

|·| Tourist of The Underworld |·|
|·| Tokyo, Japan |·|
|·| Open |·|

:: Usually Shizuki was in Japan's forest while keeping a guard up for any humans to kill or scare off from her eldritch training. Her hooves would occasionally step on a crack on two on a sidewalk during her little night walk. Tokyo was lovely to her at night for various reasons: bright lights from houses, street lamps and different places that are open yet at night, bridges to cross without many cars to cause traffic jams that prevent anyone from looking over the bridge and gasping at the possibly marvelous sight.
:: The scythe she owned slammed against her shoulder every now and then with each step she took, it didn't hurt at all. It was simply cold and too weak to leave a scratch or a bruise behind as a sign to never do such thing ever once again.

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+Zekeria The Dark*It was night time in Tokyo, the vampire begins to see yokai on the streets just before calling Cthulhu* Claire: "Cthulhu I'm starting to see yokai on the streets..." *She says as she then sees ghosts as well* "and not to mention ghosts. By the way does yokai and spirits of the dead always appear every night in Japan?"
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