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I am a disabled/retired Firefighter/Paramedic from Nellis AFB
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At 911 Tactical Medicine, our clients are not just people to be trained, only to be seen again for a refresher course. We believe in building and maintaining strong relationships by being readily available to answer questions even after the training ends. As a further commitment, we pledge to allow graduates to observe their given course an unlimited number of times during their re-certification period. This is to ensure the maintenance and retention of knowledge, and skills so critical to the professional lives of our trainees.

911 Tactical Medicine is here to meet your consulting and training needs! If you did not find what you are looking for, please contact us, and together, we will tailor a program to meet your needs. We are a mobile training company as well as fixed facility.

1. Experienced and passionate instructors
We are proud to hire military veterans who represent the best trained and experienced personnel in our industry; they serve as the backbone of our company. All too often training providers will employ instructors who are simply graduates of the particular provider course they propose to teach, without possessing real world experience upon which to draw. The result is that these individuals will be limited to just “giving a class”. At 911 Tactical Medicine, all of our instructors are hand-selected based on their experience in their respective discipline, and the proven ability to teach others passionately.

2. Accredited courses
All of 911 Tactical Medicine courses are accredited through their respective agencies to ensure that you will always receive quality training to a proven standard.

3. Premier training equipment
To get the benefit of positive training, without the creation of "training scars", 911 Tactical Medicine offers our clients the opportunity to train with new consumable training equipment with the ability to purchase the equipment. This allows the client to continue practicing their training.

4. Building a Relationship
We value and appreciate our clients. To us, a participant is not just another candidate to flush through a module, only to be seen again for the refresher course. We believe in building and maintaining strong relationships by making ourselves readily available to answer questions after the training is complete. To accomplish this, we pledge to allow graduates of our instruction the chance to observe their given course an unlimited number of times during their re-certification period. This is also done to ensure that our clients maintain the perishable knowledge and skills so critical to their professional lives.

1300 Acre Training Facility
​We have a 1,300-acre outdoor event, adventure, and education center lying just outside of Burnet, Texas. The Ranch is less than an hour from Austin. Below you will find a variety of unique training opportunities to enhance, or add to, the tactical skills relevant to your professional environment.

Rifle and Pistol shooting range, 360 range
Long Range and High Angle Range
​Multiple Outpost or Structures for scenarios
Helo Shooting Range (1 Mile Straight Range and Hover Range)
Scuba & 100 foot-deep, clear water quarry
Obstacle course
50 Point Land Navigation Course
75' Rappelling Tower
Helo Pads (Fast Rope and Hoist Areas as well)
Off-Road 4x4 Course over mud, rock, flat, and steep hills

20 Acre Training Facility
Our other range is located within 1 hour of the D/FW Airport off of IH-35W. The range is within 8 miles of major hotels and restaurants. The range facility is equipped with the following training areas.

(1) Classroom, capable of seating up to 24 student
(3) 20 point Multipurpose Ranges (Pistol/Rifle)
(1) 10 point Handgun Range
Distances from 3 to 400 yards
Steel Pistol / Rifle Targets
Positional shooting barricades
Unknown Distance Range up to 400 yds.
Multistory Urban Training Area w/ breach doors
Breaching Façade
48 passenger School Bus
a multitude of training vehicles
15 Acre Training Facility Coming Soon

911 TACMED has been gifted with an exceptional bench of instructors and consulting assets upon which to draw in order to realize the unique needs of our clients. Though technical and security considerations limit our ability to publish our entire staff, the Company would like to recognize several individuals whose dedication and energy have made the 911 TACMED vision possible.

We hand an array of medical courses that are nationally recognized under the NREMT, NAEMT, and AHA. As well as rifle and pistol courses to help train and enhance your skills. Come check us out at and like us on facebook @911tacmed and instagram @911tacmed

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Hi, I'm a senior in high school, and I plan on being a EMT. What can I be doing now (such as certificates or courses) that will start me in that direction? Thanks for your help!

hello group , scba respiracion autonoma tendran algun video? para su uso? y el de alguna explosion donde se observe el corburente? es para una clase contraincendios basica me ayudan? si es operativa mucho mejor gracias muy buen dia tengan todos ustedes

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saludos aqui estoy por si quieren platicar , usen camara web saludos

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Dear friend! The best shot game for you, Play with me! #Death Shooter : contract killer#,

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Jill West Honored for Long Career of EMS Dedication in Cleveland
Read More at:
"Jill_West got her EMT-IV certification in 1988. She worked with Alert Care EMS in Polk County and Tri-Community Fire Department in Collegedale."
#EMS #EMT #paramedic #Emergency #Firefighter #Cleveland
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