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Episode 43 of #TTPlay
+Lorinda Ferry - Google's Be Internet Awesome
+Phil Carew - Google Slides tips & tricks
Angela Ryall - Authentic Tech Integration in Literacy
+Eleni Kyritsis - Google Classroom updates

Wondering how other schools structure their Digital Technologies and ICT learning? Is is as a specialist (if so how many hours, other specialists, classes etc.)
Is it ran by the classroom teachers?
Do you have an e-Learning leader (What does their week look like?)
STEAM? Robotics?

All feedback (good and bad) will be very appreciated.

Thanks For your Help.

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Agenda for GEG Melbourne event is finalised! Amazing group of presenters sharing best practice in technology integration in classrooms: +Nick Frigo +Samantha Vardanega +Eleni Kyritsis and Kim Sutton. They will be talking Slides, Tour Creator, getting certified, and much more. Get around it! RSVP now.

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GEG Mornington Peninsula is next week!

Join us to learn more about Google Tour Creator, Classroom and Sites

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Using Google Expeditions, Merge Cube, & Octagon 4D+ Cards, I facilitated this wonderful incursion for Year 3 students to develop their understanding of the Solar System 🚀👨‍🚀🌌🌏
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The next Mornington Peninsula @geg_australia will be held on Thursday 23rd August 😀Featuring +Eleni Kyritsis +Adam Vardanega and Tom Pollett - Click below to access the flyer and RSVP #vicpln #ttplay #aussieED #gttribe

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Using Google Tour Creator in the Classroom
Since its launch in 2015, my students have loved immersing themselves in locations all around the world with Google Expeditions. From exploring the International Space Station, to the Great Barrier Reef, Madagascar, Machu Picchu, and many other…

Hey hey! I've just been signed up to be the GEG leader for Melbourne and I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to be more involved in all things G Suite.

I'm a humanities teacher at the Mac.Robertson Girls' High School located right next to Albert Park Lake.

The next Melbourne GEG event will be held sometime in August at my school (date to be confirmed). Any tips for running a successful GEG event? Anyone in Melbourne have something they would like present, discuss or see at the next event? All assistance is greatly appreciated!

Got a little bit to spend in my budget this year. Any recommendations from anyone out there?
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