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Name;White Wolf


Guns:M98b, M1911, and AR-15

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Hello i am new

Watashinonamaeha harī to watashi wa idaina kawaī-san ta japeneze kotobadesu

Copy and paste into Japanese to english translator to see what in said

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Hai im new here! Name's Mira! It's a pleasure to meet you all!

Name : Mato Kuroi.
Actual name: Black Rock Shooter

Personality: Normally cold and distant from people, unless she trusts you. Doesn't speak much.

Likes: Reading, loyalty, seeing happiness, curry.

Dislikes: Idiots, cruelty, betrayal

Fears: Hard to tell, displays very little emotion. Inductive Reasoning suggests fear of losing control and of other people.

Identifying Attributes:

° Eye flame: a sapphire blue flame hovering over her left eye it shows for mental stability, warns her of danger, and can be used for intimidation. It has three levels the blue flame which is normal deep purple frame which was the purple of haze and is the activation of her insane half and a red flame which is when she loses complete control

OtherRealm Physiology- Blood is bright neon blue, but will change color depending on eye flame color. Eyes glow a neon blue and have white pupils. The irises have white, concentric rings. Her skin is unaturally pale, and her muscle mass, while thin to the point of malnurishment, is extremely dense. Her blood also vaporizes upon exiting her body, depending on how much energy she has.
Scars- She has two major scars, both are on the abdominal area. One is small, and approximately three inches long. The other is of gargantuan proportions and appears to have been made by an unusually large stab wound. It does come out on the other side, but is not as noticeable.
Clothing and Hair- If allowed to wear casual clothing, she wears a pair of very short jean shorts with a white belt and a black bikini top. Her footwear consists of a pair of knee high black boots. She also wears a large leather duster with two white stripes running down each arm, a star on the left chest area, and a large white star on the back. Duster appears to be indestructible. Her hair can be seen generally tied  back into two, uneven pigtails.

Insane BRS: she gains armour and the Lance cannon she also has little to no control over her own actions when the eye flame turns solid purple, or even red, she loses all control

Powers and Abilities:

1: Black Rock Cannon: A shape shifting gun created and maintained by Rock's power. It has many forms and is only limited by her imagination.
        Default: simple cannon, fires rocks bathed in blue flames. Can fire multi shots and the detonate on impact.
        Absorption: identical to default, but fires energy shots that sink into targets before detonating
        Gatling Gun: fires high caliber bullets can be duel wielded
        Beam: a double prong energy weapon with metal sheet stretching across her back. Used for long range. Can be duel wielded for destruction mode when using a blue beam the other using a red beam. This form can obliterate matter.
        Pistol: self-explanatory can be dual wielded
        Lance: a large blade-like construct used for piercing but can slice
        Lance Cannon: generally only created when insane mode is active can fire rounds from every surface upon it
        Orbital Cannon: her ultimate weapon strong enough to destroy reality

2. Martial Arts: a vicious fighter who's skill with the blade and cannon is only rivaled by her fists. Being an otherself, she already had the power in her fists and legs. Upon her arrival on Earth, she quickly began mastering all forms of martial arts, blending them onto her own style.

3. Swordsmanship: an expert with Black Blade. An indestructible, jet black katana used to annihilate anything and everything.

4. Healing: While it takes energy to do so, she can heal most wounds in a split second with a burst of energy, hence the forceful vaporization of the blood.

5. Detection. She can detect life around her with decent accuracy. Does not work on mechanics. ((This is why Chariot was able to sneak up on her using Mary.))

Bio: she escaped from the other world and has lived on the run for years. Humans don't trust her due to her unusual appearance and eyes. Born from the will to help others she is different from her sisters. However like her sisters she is an embodiment of emotion in her case she is the embodiment of loneliness and sadness. Because of this she tends to drift away from other people and never shows her emotion.

Personality: cold, Cocky. Spiteful
Kind and helpful to the ones he trusts
Likes: heavy metal books
Dislikes: those who kill without reason people with a lot of power(political)
Fears: being weak ,Failure,
Identifying attributes:
Black mask- a mask he wears when he goes killing, the mask protects him from telepathic foes
Also fire proof and made out of partly from Kevlar
Eyes- his eyes are different colored one blue the other Hazel
Powers: healing factor- extremely fast acting
Super human strength and speed Can lift up to 2 tons and runs up to 40 mph
Martial arts-knows. Every Fighting style since 1200
Slowed aging
Dual pistols- pistols that shoot explosive and acid bullets
Cuttoe sword- enchanted Iron sword that's unbreakable and can cut through any material
Poison darts

Bio: he was created by a powerful wizard so he'll protect earth from demons, evil magical bring , and tyrants. He killed his first demon at 8 ever since he's been earth protector.

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"Polishing is such a pain" she grumbled cleaning her knifes and gun putting it away once she was done no ones talked to her since she got her most run off because of her sharp teeth also because of her appearance pale white skin along with her snow colored hair and red eyes as she sighed running her hands through her hair

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Name: Alastair
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: None
Former Occupation: US Soldier, Test subject for Super Soldier Serum
Bio: Classified
Appearance: see pic
Powers: Hi-speed Regeneration, immortality, access to entire brain, superior strength, speed, reflexes, and senses
Specialties: anything and everything
Preferred weapons: World War Two era Walther P38 and World War Two era Mauser Karbine 98

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Name: Soul Tanakia
Nickname: soulless warrior
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: A katana, Knight M1A1
Personality: Kind and laid back except in battle
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