For all their faults, few dark army soldiers lack willpower. They never forgot the need to claim what their hearts desired. But, in their quest to establish themselves, they overlooked the natural urge to defend others...who, like themselves, feared losing what mattered most.

Esmeral: well, the search party miiiiight have left. I haven't heard from the troop leader personally but I did hear from dance who heard from swapfell that cross said they were disembarking at oh eight hundred and it's like....oh nine thirty five? So they should have been long gone. But they could've been delayed by something especially since I haven't heard them from departing. I can call them and check if you want...That is assuming that they're still in range of communications without amplifications. But it might be worth trying just to verify their location cause we wouldn't want them to wander off and get lost
Alexis: Gggrrrrrr shut up! shut up shut UP, you prattling waste of time and power! Call back when you what the hell your reporting about!!
Esmeral: leaves the call
Samantha: that went well
Alexis: that stammering glitch mouse's reports are always a disaster. Ugh! Error is as bad at picking secretaries as he is at picking designations
Samantha: ooh, how cute. You think he picked her for her filing abilities
Alexis: I don't care why he picked her! It's stupid to let some vapid recruit give an officer's report
Samantha: Esmeral's not a recruit
Alexis: Well, he didn't find her in a box in the side of a road
Samantha: He might as well have. She use to be a tower guard. Everyone who tore down the elite's vacation homes took a trophy or two. Error halo happened to fancy one with a heartbeat. The "emperor of destruction" may not be the most poetic soldier, but there is something wildly entertaining about the idea of a tower guard shining your armor and keeping your quarters in order
Alexis: That's....really hypocritical, isn't it? I mean, Esmeral's a strut less idiot. She can barely handle the work he's spoon feeding her now. Just....forcing someone into a role PURELY because of their caste?
Samantha: Don't waste to much time on it. It's not your problem. Besides, if she ever decides she wants to play with the big boys, She's already cleaning his weapons in more ways than one. And he has to tire out eventually
Alexis: Killing your commander on his own turf? Tch! THERE'S a way to start off a LONG HEALTHY career!
Samantha: It's only cut short if you get caught
console rings
Samantha: hm?
Alexis: message from Nica, They...
Cyber halo: enters the call
Alexis: Cyber, Nica's team found the darkron. Forwarding the numbers to you now
Cyber halo: instruct her to open a portal at once. Prepare darkron storage facilities 5 through 10 for incoming supplies

Lore and History of darklord's army (new characters)

"Though they were the last remaining rebels, These enemies were not the only inhabitants of the barren planet of nexus 555. Before his army's fleet took it's first voyage. Darklord ordered his loyal officer, Cybertale halo, to remain behind as sentinel. This guardian took charge of cleaning up the war-ton planet in order to make it ready for his master's triumphant return"

*comm line opens"
General nica: this is general nica to nexus HQ
Cyber halo: nexus headquarters. Report
General nica: scouting in grievous 7 produced no leads. To conserve fuel we sat down on chaal
Selena: ew!
General nica: who is that in the call..?
Selena: Me? well i'm the newest soldier on the block mhm! the name's muffled
Alexis: the formerly nautical nitbit is selena. Tragically, her iq level data fell out when her teacher attempted to improve her reflexes by throwing heavy tools at her head!
Selena: HEY!
Samantha: as you can certainly tell, nexus 555 is being run as smoothly as it ever was
General nica: mm...
Cyber halo: proceed, general.
General nica: the simpler members of my team took pot shots at nearby asteroids most contained useless rubble but a few contained crystals
Alexis: darkron?
Nico: it would appear to be yes
Alexis: that debris came from somewhere. Scan the nearby planets-
General nica: our course is already set. My team assures me that we will be overcharged on a moon by this time next paracycle
Samantha: sounds lovely
General nica: we shall see. Nica out ends call
Selena: "we shall see" hmph! what an uptight crankcase!
Alexis: show some respect!! Darklord himself selected her as his general of destruction. They say she once single-handedly took out twenty monsters with nothing more then a lobbing ball and a sharpened pipe wrench. General nica planned the main strike the timelines gone pede-to pede with the demon of chaos. Twice! she could fold you in half like cardboard
Selena: mumbles rude commentary
Samantha: credentials aside, she seems confident
Cyber halo: nico has provided his analysis of the crystals
Nico: recording audio start analysis of the crystals show an above average quality with only minor imperfections. The composition of the meteoroid suggest organic origins. Yet the crystalline solid contained within shows no significant deviation from the standard properties expected of nexus 555 grown darkron. Fascinating, dividing the sample for phase transition test one - solid to liquid drill starts up and recording ends
Samantha: he had me at "above average"
Selena: that's sad. You should really aim higher for yourself, samantha
Alexis: Cute. angry muttering.....cyber - nica's news is great but we came up here for a different reason. We wanted to discuss our assignment
Selena: IT'S THE PITS!
Alexis: monster duty isn't complex enough to merit soldier attention
Selena: let the bruters do it
Alexis: ARRGHH! they're soldiers to bit brain!
Selena: they're BORING! just like monster duty! They don't mind spending all day seeing clouds UGHH! if i had to strap on that acid pump pack one more time, i just might melt too!
Alexis: cyber. I changed my mind, more monster duty
Cyber halo: enough! While the task of melting the overpopulated monsters would not formally fall to as specialized trine as yours it is currently the only assignment specifically requiring fliers. Every other detail is better suited for ground forces
Samantha: Your drones won't be the ones to snuff out that girl's soul
Cyber halo: you are correct. That is unlikely. However, fliers are ill-suited to determine the underground location of the remaining test subjects. until they have been located, your orders stand
Alexis: understood. Let's go ends call
Samantha: mm alright ends call
Selena: what? NOOOoooo! You can't do this to me alexis you just can't! UUUGH! ends call

(hope you enjoy)
It has been a while since I posted something on this community but hey might as well bring it back. I don't want it to sit there in the dead pile forever. And today this will be a list on the top 5 most brutal deaths darklord (Me) has ever inflicted on his enemies. Just to let you know i will do stories on these deaths from beginning to end but it will take a while but here ya go

1: Leava the plant goddess: since darklord is well known across the universe as the killer of gods and demons he has met some tough enemies such as her. While invading a world the dark forces has attacked wedora (the name of the dimension he is attacking) darklord killed all the attacking defenders he fought and quickly made it inside her fortress. Leava saw him and attacked him with every power she got. He quickly teleported in front of her and stabbed her in the chest while tons of blood poured out of her mouth. She fell down to the ground and darklord set her on fire and watched suffer as she slowly burned to death.

2: Deces the death demon: He is the father of the shadow king the chaos demon (i'll do a character review on him soon) Darklord was walking around as he sensed a great power nearby. Deces appeared and introduce himself to darklord. He was a little confuse at first but greeted him back. Deces even told him that he came from hell itself and is 1 million years old. Darklord quickly grew shocked by that and as soon deces finished talking, he attacked darklord with his hellfire. Darklord got hit and fell to the floor. Deces started laughing and summoned more hellfire from his hands but darklord eyes started glowing bright purple and summoned flaming chains from his hands and slashed deces. He dodge them like it was nothing. Darklord's power starting growing from his hands and set his entire surroundings on fire. He snapped his fingers and deces blew up causing to create a crater from he was standing and his pieces started flying back to the ground

3: Heruk the mech commander: while invading a planet called nexus 5501 his amry started attacking tons of bases with his fleet of ships he had in his disposal. Darklord flew down and smashed the ground causing the planet to shake. While his army attacked the coming forces heruk showed trying to attack as many as he can while others tried to evacuate the planet. Darklord saw the pods from the sky and order his fleet to show them down and leave no survivors. As heruk saw and witnessed the death of his own army he quickly got mad and charged at darklord. Darklord teleported behind him and punched his fist into his back and pulled out his core and crushed it into a million pieces as heruk went offline. After that darklord forcefully ripped out his parts one by one leaving just nuts and bolts on the round. As soon he tooked over the planet darklord ordered off all the bodies from the mech army to be used as spare parts for weapons, vehicles and much more. darklord took heruk's head and kept it in his throne as a decoration.

4: Akulu The warchief: on a certain dimension dimension called the land of nkhondo Darklord and his forces visited a world with not very good guards and warriors. Darklord made a deal with the people and asked if they pledge their allegiance to him he will provide protection and supplies they needed. Months after his arrival akulu's world started advancing as cities were built. The people has seen him as a hero and a deity. Some of the people such as akulu assigned themselves to be part of the dark army and so training began. Akulu has made threw the toughest training and surpass all odds. He was in the top of his class and was ranked the warchief the highest of ranks. He even met darklord in person. But with that honor came with a consequence. Months passed and akulu has seen darklord's intentions of his plans on the universe and considered him as a monster. He quick;y resist darklord's offers and refuse to join his journey of peace. His refusal will strip him from his rank but still he said "wheres honor without peace" one day darklord asked for akulu's presence and so he did. Darklord asked him if he joins his journey it will lead them to godhood Akulu raised his voice and said "THE JOURNEY OF PEACE IS A LIE!!" days passed and darklord send an army to attack akulu with every firepower. Akulu faced them all and killed them. Darklord send an assassin to kill his wife and now the rank of warchief was considered of mark of shame. Akulu quickly returned home and saw his wife's body on the floor. And quickly he went to darklord's castle and met the assassin. They both fought but akulu was stabbed in the chest while a burst of blood came out his chest and fell to the floor and died. He was actually the first person to ever defy darklord's rule and so akulu faced his death with honor.

5: Venom sans: Venom sans was darklord's second in command and followed his every command. But during one battle darklord faced his death by being stabbed through the chest dying. After that venom elected himself as the new leader of the dark army. Months passed and venom sans did his best to make sure he was the Superior leader then him. But a strange power was able to bring darklord to life and noticed that venom took control. He walked back to his base and saw venom sitting on his throne. He quickly teleported in front of venom and electrocuted venom with his bare hands sending him to his fateful death. After that darklord took control again. Venom sans was dumped in the snowidn forest, he revived somehow and wanted to get revenge on darklord. He came back to his castle and tried to kill him, only to be killed by him again with darklord's sword. He body was dumped into waterfall. He revived again and noticed that his soul was gone and thought he was a ghost. He looked at the reflection of the water and noticed the piece of determination on his forehead causing him not to die without a soul. He swore vengeance on darklord and promised to kill him and rule his army. But only to be killed hundreds of times but keeps getting revived.

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