Is anyone going to The Family History Show-London Event - 24th September 2017 at Sandown Park Racecourse, Portsmouth Road, Esher, KT10 9AJ.

I have never been to any FH show and this one is within easy reach of me.
Other than parting with money for things and subscriptions that I didn't know I needed why should I go?

This may sound like the beginning of a joke, but it's not.

What is the difference between the "One-Place Study Register" and the "Society for One-Place Studies"?

Is it a bit like the difference between the "internet" and the "world wide web" in that there IS a technical difference but most people don't know that and just use the two terms interchangeably?

What programs/apps/s/w do people use to keep track of their OPS "stuff"?
I am particularly interested in tying-in buildings to residents/shopkeepers over and how that changes over time.

Thank you for adding me. I have just taken the plunge to do a OPS on PORTHLEVEN, Cornwall.

According to wikipedia it is
"a town, civil parish and fishing port near Helston in Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is the most southerly port on the island of Great Britain,] and was originally developed as a harbour of refuge, when this part of the Cornish coastline was recognised as a black spot for wrecks in days of sail.
I just had a reminder to view the HOA on M4OPS and was almost sceaming at the screen "this is what I need".
Now to get organised as I am floundering about.

I am still thinking about finding the right place to study, this year i want to venture out to the towns my ancestors lived!  I need to sit down and go through what i know and maybe try and find some answers to what i dont!

Hello, thank you for adding me!
My one-place study should probably be Sherborn, Mass., because by the time I track down all my ancestors and their families, it will account for much of the town prior to 1850. My Cozzens line intermarried with not only their Cozzens cousins, but the Stratton, Morse, Bullen, Coolidge, Muzzy, Twitchell, and other families. I've been doing more research online and finding some wonderful info.

If anyone else is working in early Massachusetts or New England, I'd be happy to hear about your experiences and what strategies helped you. Also, as a newbie to this group, if there are any particular resources or practices that help you when dealing with an entire village. It's much more complex than one family tree, but it seems to be relevant when you are dealing with not only the intermarriages but the wills, probate, witnesses, guardians, etc.

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Here is another useful resource for "one-placers" or anyone interested in researching far away places: iOS and Android app from Google called Street View. Basically it is a portal to Street Views without using Google Earth. In addition, one can add their own 360 degree photos from a phone or compatible camera. Did a little traveling myself this morning - what fun!

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For those with an OPS in Ireland, this is a useful site. 

Hi My name is Sarah Ashmore  ,thanks for letting me join the community. I am from Auckland New Zealand and have not quite decided what place to study. You seem so brimming with ideas and I'm looking forward to learning with you.

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