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~ Be on our side!
~ No rudity
~ No bossing about, cuz I'm the boss.
            mitty x

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Name : Sparky Woodward
Species: Dog (Puppy)
Age: 1 in human years, 7 in dog
Fave foods: Beef, Chicken, Bacon basically ALL MEAT
Fave Fandoms: Pokemon, MLP (I'm a brony, hehe) and Steven Universe
Why I should be a recruit: I'm a brave dog, and, when it comes to people I hate, I WILL ATTACK!
I will try my best to prevent evil animals, caz they evil
Plus, you can trust me ^^
I will try my best to sort them out!

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I made the cover!

Well, can I just say, Angus isn't all bad! He was nice the other day, just sleeping beside me and stuff...I don't think we need to 'sort him out' but teach him nice stuff.
          erin x

+☆ Mittens and Bailey ☆ You need to step up your game to DEFEAT Bad Cat and make him not wanna go in our garden ever again
Like really, i think you need to become better fighters
maybe training in the garden tomorrow? to become kitty warriors?

May I be mod?
I am a dog, but I can sure help!
I can bark at evil cats (and dogs, caz I know some)
also, can we add 'bad dogs' or something
caz theres this dog I HATE who keeps attacking me

I know this is cat, but there is this dog I hate
His name is Barney and whenever I see him, he attacks me and bites me
I always end up with bites, and it really hurts ;-;

But! Bad Cat is BAD. I don't know if you know but he comes into OUR garden and nicks the kitties' mice and fight and all that. Like, I mean, come on!! If you own a pudgy black cat that is ANNOYING PLEASE COLLECT HIM AND APOLOGIZE.
      erin x

Guys, I'm gonna make a cover for the community
(Idk what to post in)
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