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((Might as well, just in case anyone comes back.))

Name: Valentin
Age: Depends, actually about 24, but says 3000.
Mental Condition: Appears to have some form of Vampirism, some labeled this as Renfield's, but without the sexual attraction to blood drinking. Also a rather mild form of schizophrenia.
Basically, he thinks he's a vampire (which he is, just no one believes him.)
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Alexander (Left)
Age: 20 Nationality: English/Japanese
Sex: Male Repersents: War

Kiyuki (Right)
Age:18 Nationality: German/Japanese
Sex: Male Repersents: Peace

Bio: The twins met when they were four,before that they grew up with their fathers. Alexander was trained to be strong, while Kiyuki was told to try to work things out.
Alexander left at the age of 18, and was only recently found.
Kiyuki went to find his brother two months after Alexander's location was stated, and was quickly caught.
They both have voices in their heads, and see ghosts like dead relatives.
At the age of 17, nearly 18, Kiyuki had attempted suicide, at the same time Alexander nearly overdosed on cocaine. The reason being that their dead mother was haunting them. Both of them were accused of being crazy after that, and were locked up, still trying to find a way to break loose.

Laura sat in the garden smiling and holding a puppy which got lost she petted its fur "Your such a good pup...I wont let anyone hurt you and you will be named eclipse..." she smiled and stood up then held the pup in her arms smiling "Lets see if I can keep you I do take care of many animals here." Even though laura was a patient she was peaceful at times they purposely let her pick the puppy up to see how much shes became sane. "Very sorry....." she says when bumping into you (open rp)

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Cuz I wanna join in the madness of this Insane Asylum~ I will be throwing a few Headcanon names and such in, like for 2P Russia and for Soviet Russia. Those will be listed in the info below~! •w•

Character: Ivan Braginsky

Role: Part Time Doctor's Assistant, Full Time Patient

Place of Origin: Moscow, Russian Federation

Age: Estimated to be in his early 20's–30's

Illness(s): Severe Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Visual Hallucinations, Auditory Hallucinations

Hallucination(s): Vladimir _(2P Russia for me), Viktor (My headcanon name for Soviet Russia), General Winter_

How he got administered:

Ivan has always talked with "my only friends" since he was young. It wasn't until he was in middle school did the doctors in a hospital in Moscow discover that he had a severe case of Schizophrenia, along with three alter egos he's developed. Since then, Ivan has been aware of his illnesses. But that didn't stop him when he committed homicide in the neighboring town. However, due to his mental state of mind, he was sentenced to an Asylum to "get better". That didn't help, in fact, the doctors there noticed that his personality swapped more often. It was decided that they send him to this current Asylum in hopes of it being much better for Ivan's sake and sanity. Now, he currently has a part time job working for the doctors as an assistant all the while receiving treatment for his own illnesses.
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Laura Jones

Laura  singed London bridge but in her own dark version of it sending shivers down her guards spine " sir may I go outside? " she said in a sweet voice " umm sure Laura " he answered inside the cell she was smirking " well aren't u gonna open the doors? " she asked angered a bit the guard opened the door then she sprinted like there was no tomorrow and slid down the stair ways then went outside " hehe that was fun " she smirked then sat down on a stone talking to little fairies. ( open roleplay with laura )

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Name: Rose Lionheart
Rank: Patient
illness: insanity
How she got in: hearing voices and seeing things, saying she could see spirits. Used to murder and strip people of their skins and paint their bones.
Personality: quiet and sweet
Country: actually a capital 2p Berlin 

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NAME: Lucy Beilschmidt (2p! Berlin)
ROLE : patient
ILLNESS: multiple personality's
AGE: 18 ((admin: not me hehe))
1) (dominate) Lucy = sweet and kind to her family and her husband ((+Jeffrey Woods)) and children
2) cheyenne .M. ((Admin: OC me^_^)) = sweet ,gentle, kind to loved ones
3) sasha Michaelis =calm like Sebastian Michaeis =looks like Sebastian(fem) angered easily like grell
4) (MOST AGGRESSIVE) Alana man= tall and has tenticals like slender and has wa worse temper than all the others combined

*NOTE*:obvi same husband 
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Name: Bella Beilschmidt
Age: 19
Illness: Psychopath
Personality: What psychopath do, like laughing crazily


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Name: Matthew James Williams
Age: 19
Role: patient
Illness: multiple personality disorder
Personalities: Matthew has three personalities, the dominate one being kind, shy, patient and somewhat stubborn while his second personality, who seems to like the name James better then Matthew, is not so nice, actually he can be rather cruel. James is less shy but still antisocial, he doesn't like talking to people and actively avoids them. Both of these are easy enough to deal with, it's his third personality that's the problem. The third personality has no name though some nurses and doctors have taken to calling him "snapped Matthew" as he is utterly insane this personality comes out the least, with one or two triggers that bring it out, but it seems to act as a defence mechanism for Matthew, as if ether of the other personalities is threatened this third one comes out I found that out the hard way So, unless it's absolutely needed, I'd advice against using needles, or anything else that can be seen as treating, against him 
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