As we come to the end of the UK XF Advisory Board, I have invited members to share some parting thoughts and comments for the Jaguar team. I think Graham's comments below sum up their contributions nicely:

"Dear Jaguar Team

You've done a terrific job on the design of the new XF. It is beautiful and stands out from the crowd. It brings a smile to my face and sense of pride to by heart when I approach it. You have somehow captured something of the heritage of Jaguar and tapped into my boyhood dreams to own one, while producing a bang up to date and modern machine. The drive is engaging and fun - a sense of pace with quiet confidence. Well done. You should feel proud.

You face some challenges. Many of my peers in this Advisory Board are reporting faults which are spoiling their enjoyment and undermining their belief in the brand. While some are design faults, (headlights) and some specification/cost decisions (folding rear seats) the majority are about poor aftersales response to the sort of failures that are inevitable in complex bits of machinery. This could undermine your progress and threaten your future. And from my experience, it will take a shift in commitment and determination from your senior management to increase resources for aftersales while maintaining impetus in design and sales.

Knowing some of them, I know you have the talent in senior management to resolve this. They just need to do it.

I wish you great success.


Little details REALLY matter. Some owners report disappointment in the drive simply because they think the plastic gear paddles feel cheap and therefore make the overall driving experience feel less special. Gavin and Andrew from the UK explain:

"I love driving my XF but I think it could be even more special if the gear paddles were metal and not plastic as it would really enhance the sporty feel of the car" (Gavin)

"Love driving my XF, but I agree the paddles do feel cheap - certainly not as good as my previous car; BMW 520" (Andrew)

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For many owners, buying a Jaguar was a a defining moment in their lives; it was the 'magic moment' when they felt they had really reached success in both life and work.

Dean in the UK shares how it felt when he first took ownership of the XF:

"For me having previously owned a Honda Civic for 10 years this was a massive leap financially and and in quality. From first entering the showroom, to speaking to the advisors, the test drive, pre-sale, sale and collection, I was made to feel important. Once I drove the car away, you could not wipe the smile off my face for a week. The looks I received - and still do receive- from pedestrians and other car owners was quite a pleasant surprise - to the point of embarassment. I realised that the XF was a bloody nice car and Jaguar still holds that special, iconic place on the road."

Many XF owners, such as Melanie from Florida, get very irritated with the window and the memory seat buttons being so close together:

"PLEASE switch the controls for the Windows and memory seats! So very irritating. I USE the window buttons, why not put them in easy reach? I know I'm not the only one who has accidentally rolled down the back window instead of the front. Or, gotten in the car to find my seat jacked up because I hit the seat button accidentally on exit."

XF owners love the USB ports in the armrest - they just want more of them! Some complain that the armrest storage area is not big enough to store a phone AND other members have had quite a conversation about this!:

"I know Jag has installed USB plugs and charging ports in the armrest storage....I would have liked one in the cubby in front of the pop-up shifter....during long drives I need to connect my cell phone to keep it charged, as well as other electronics. As the storage arm rest isn't large enough for a cell phone when you have other items stored." (Philip, Toledo)

"Great idea, Philip. It makes sense to have an extra one there, definitely." (Melanie, Florida)

"I fully agree. And one in the glove box to leave a flash drive with music plugged in." (Bruce, California)

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The boot (or trunk) is fantastic in terms of depth space, but is lacking in width space, which for many owners, means they can't make the most of its size. Scott in Florida can tell us more:

"The trunk is well proportioned for every day use and larger that most sports sedans. is as wide on the inside as my previous generation XF. I used to be able to get two golf bags in easily lying straight across. Now I have to angle in one bag (full size) with no chance of getting in a second bag."

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Several owners on the Jaguar Advisory Board have been sharing their stories about the multiple failings of the infotainment system. One issue that crops up again and again is the radio and the problems owners have had with the radio 'locking' on certain channels:

"I too have had disappointing and challenging times with the radio. It locks on a channel and I'm unable to change to another station. or won't turn on or will display a different song than what is playing. This has been by far the most disappointing aspect of my car, bar none. My husband's 2009 BMW radio works better" (Ellen, Maryland).

Some owners also complain about the poor finishing in the boot:

"There's plenty of room in the trunk, I just wish the top of the trunk interior was finished, especially since I have to bend down to do the rear seat release." (Melanie, Florida)

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Whilst the driving is amazing, the auto gearbox can be a little slow to respond, causing sharp accelerations when it does finally catch up. Steve from the UK explains further:

"Biggest niggle is the slow response from the auto gearbox. I notice this most when approaching a roundabout, slowly checking for oncoming traffic, accelerate and then wait for the gearbox to catch up. This means that once the gear does engage you are catapulted across the roundabout like an idiot. Had an Audi A5 before and the XF's drive is more engaging but its gearbox is worse."

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Beautiful driving: the XF edges out the competition every time when it comes to the driving experience and makes drivers feel special, as Gerald and David from the UK explain:

"I always feel at peace with the world driving my XF. The sharp handling, smooth ride and responsive engine inspire confidence and I am conscious of the many admiring glances from other drivers in less prestigious brands" (Gerald, Liverpool).

"I am very happy with the driving experience, I feel it is a cross between the sharp handling of a BMW and the luxury cruising of a Mercedes - in my opinion the XF gives the driver the best of both worlds" (David, Whitley Bay)
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