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Here are the rules of this community.
1. No asking to be a moderator.
2. Forbidden relationships are allowed.
3. Don't make all your cats in one clan.
4. No powers or supernatural abilities.
5. Nothing too inappropriate.
6. No banning someone without consulting me first.
7. No bullying
8. No cats that are too overpowered.
9. You must make a sign up sheet
10. No canon cats
Here's the roster so far.
Leader: Tigerstar +PuppyLover #1​​​​​​​​​​​​
Deputy: +Mirrordaisy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Silentwish
Medicine cat: Dawn pelt +Megan
Medicine cat apprentice: open
Warriors: Spiderfur +megan. Brownstripe +Riley Dohman​​​​​​​​​​​
Apprentices: open
Queens: open
Kits: Softkit +Cat girl. open

Leader: Brightstar +KawaiiCreeperGaming​​
Deputy: open
Medicine cat: open
Medicine cat apprentice: open
Warriors: +Mirrordaisy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Littleclaw Open
Apprentices: open
Queens: open
Kits: +Aislyn Marie the Absol​​​​​​​​​​ Otterkit Open

Leader: Pinestar +Riley Dohman​​​​
Deputy: open
Medicine cat: +Mirrordaisy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sparrowsong
Medicine cat apprentice: open
Warriors: Sunberry +Forestclaws Aj​​​​​​ Blackstripe +Riley Dohman​​​
Apprentices: open
Queens: open
Kits: open

Leader: Ashstar +Riley Dohman​​​​​​​​​
Deputy: open
Medicine cat: open
Medicine cat apprentice: open
Warriors: Embershadow +Forestclaws Aj​​​​​​​​​ open
Apprentices: +Mirrordaisy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Cinderpaw. Open
Queens: open
Kits: open

Here's a template, feel free to add more.


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She cat
4 moons
Mom, dad, kins: unknown
Mate: none
Crush: none
Kits: none
Best friend: Vole

Ash was walking in the forest. She smelt something strong. Like alot of cats. She had heard of the wild cats before, and she didn't like the stories. Like when her father and brother were killed by them, when they were getting food. She never knew she was walking in Leafclan territory.


Name: Badgerpaw

Gender: female

Clan: featherclan

Rank: med cat apprentice

Future ranks: Med cat

Age: 7 moons

Appearance: Black she-cat with blue eyes and a white stripe starting at her nose and ending at her tail tip.

Crush/Mate: nooo

Personality: Kind and outgoing.

Mother: Nightpool (open)

Father: Snowfeather (open)

Siblings: Greyspot (open).

Backstory: doesn't reveal (it will thru rp)

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13 moons

Kin: unknown
Personality: kind, can be short tempered at times
Appearance: Calico, white chest, bright blue eyes, slightly twisted left back paw
Likes: hunting, helping his clan
Dislikes: being alone, and DEATH (no one likes death)

Bio: he was born an only kit, he was a strong Apprentice and worked and trained hard, u till one fateful day he was out with his mentor and he stepped to far out on a thunder path and he was hit by a monster, leaving him with a limp and a slightly twisted foot, he healed after a while and he became a warrior 

Dawnpelt was looking for some herbs at the border of leafclan where she had found a fresh patch of herbs, when she stopped , she heard pawsteps nearby

What happened to the community??

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Name: twistedkit
Clan: leafclan
Gender: male
Personality: quiet, kind, desprate
Appearance: a small calico kitten
Kin: Maplekit, Birchkit, and Spottedkit.
Backstory: When he was born he was born last. When his mother gave birth to him, He was deformed and made his mother die because of his strange shape.
His siblings bullied him once they opened their eyes, dad threw Pebblekit out of camp, assuming he would die. When he threw him he renamed him twistedkit.
(Nobody knew about this)
Quote: "Just because I look like this doesn't mean you can bully me!!"
Appearance: Looks like pic but one of his ears twisted up so he is deaf on one ear, he has 6 claws on one paw, his back legs are shrivled up, he has runny eyes, and everybody thinks he's gross. (NOT ME THIS MEH BAE KITTEH)


A brown tabby tom was outside of leafclan camp, stretching. He looked unfamiliar, and he had a scent of cat food on him.

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Name- Snowpaw

Age-8 moons

Gender- Female

Rank: Apprentice

Clan- LeafClan

Appearance- Blue-gray she-cat with green eyes

Personality- Very kind, protective, cheerful, playful


Mother: Bluewhisker (Died from ~Falling into a deep river and hit her head to a rock REALLY hard)

Father: Snowwood (Died from ~Whitecough)


Bio- When she was a kit, she opened her eyes when she was 2 moons old, it took a long time. Her father took care of her when her mother died. But Snowwood died recently when Snowpaw started to become a apprentice. She hope that she'll become the best warrior she will be, when her time comes.
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