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I dont know where to start. I guess ill just start with Thank You. Thank you J.K Rowling for an outstanding childhood. You made it so magical, amazing and unforgettable. I have no clue where i wud be standing right now without u. Without Harry Potter, there wud be no happiness in my life. You made this experience magnificent. Thank You so much J.K Rowling. #Always.
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Hi I'm new can someone tell me about the classes ??

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I would like to teach any class. I think I would make a great teacher . I want to be able to teach students adout harry potter.

I really would love to be a teacher. I want to be a teacher because I want the students to learn about wizardry. I think a good reason to have me as a teacher is because I know a lot about harry potter and I will give good lessons to the students. I would love to become a teacher!

Please may I join?

Hello. Hermione is my life and I'd like to become a part of Hermione Class! Please...

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Yeah right.
And BTW guys I changed my page name from "World or Wizards, Demigods, Tributes, damn too long Narnians, Divergent, Readers" to A "World Where Fandoms Unite" cuz the previous one was darn long. Srsly it was too long so I changed it to less longer and better (I think) name.
But it feels strange when I check my page and look at the name it feels kinda blank. I hope you and I could get used to it.
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