The summit is close! The full program will be posted shortly.

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ARIS Summit 2016 dates announced! Registration and a call for presntations will open shortly. See

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Travel in time with the walk!

Hello dear Aris Games members :)

I am very pleased to announce something really special, an experience, a time travel, a poetic and scientific exploration of the Earth at the same time. It’s an original concept of Walking Audio Book for smartphone where each one of your steps is one million years in the evolution of life on Earth. In 3 days we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to be able to spread this walk in time at a very large scale like pollen and we need bees  :)

Please, please, share this information on your social network if you wish:

website of the project:

facebook page:



Step back 4.6 billion years with the Deep Time Walk App

The Deep Time walk App will take people on a walk through 4.6 billion years of the Earth’s history. Over a distance of 4.6 kilometres, walkers will journey through the evolution of the Earth, from a disc of rocky debris, through the formation of the Earth, its oceans and atmosphere, the appearance of bacteria, nucleated cells, and, eventually, multicellular organisms. At the climax of the walk the last 20cm (200,000 years) represent the timespan of humanity, and in the final 1/5th of a millimetre (200 years), the walker witnesses the miniscule time (in planetary terms) that has elapsed since the start of the industrial revolution. Stephan Harding, Resident Ecologist at Schumacher College.

My 8th grade students made some videos that may helpful to people learning to use the ARIS 2.0 editor. A spreadsheet with short descriptions and links is at

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New Post: Intro to ARISjs - Leaderboards in ARIS 2

New Blog post: ARIS Design Challenge - Greenland is Melting

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We have 20 basecamps registered for the GGJ! Do you have a team or a site? Register and get on our map at

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One more hangout today if you are interested in hosting a basecamp for the global game jam. See

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The ARIS Global Game Jam is picking up momentum!

We had 2 fantastic meetings last week to bring potential basecamp facilitators up to speed and meet one another. As details around the event firm up, we will keep having these hangouts to discuss logistics and think together about how we can make these two days the most valuable.

Check out

We have 2 new dates, August 26 at 9am Central (a decent time for the US and Europe) and September 1 at 9pm Central (a decent time for the east coast of the US, Europe and Asia/Australia).

RSVP on the site if you plan to attend.

Also, I’ve posted the Basecamp Facilitation Kit, which will continue to evolve as we identify what everyone needs. 
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