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So this is the first time I have written about my colostomy, after two years with it. I am finally getting used to it. After a motorcycle account left me over 60% burnt and having my legs and right arm amputated. But it has been accepting the colostomy that has proved the hardest to accept. I have been using #coloplast sensura supplies but found the skin barrier not to conform to my stomach and start falling of very quickly. So I have tried several other suppliers materials. Two different systems from #convatec and three from #hollistermedical and another system from #coloplast.
They are:
Coloplast - sansura mio 1&2 piece systems
Convatec - Esteem Synergy
Convatec - Combihesive II S
Hollister medical - comfort 2 two piece system
Hollister medical - Karaya 5 1 piece system
Both the convatec systems use a moldable skin barrier that means no cutting to fit but just push the barrier back to fit the stomie and it rolls back to fit exactly and tightly. The problems with this is that it is soft and cleaning degrades it evertime you change the bag. Also I found the barrier though moldable at the edges it would not conform to my stomach and was worse than the sansura lasting a day before coming away.
The Hollister comfort 2 system was far and away the most secure and never felt that it was falling away.
The Hollister Karaya5 system however was the worst of all and fell away after 30 minutes of not doing anything very active this needs a belt to secure it. I have still to try this system with a belt to hold them in place but feel this is not a system that has any benefits.
Then the sensura mio system from Coloplast. I had been using the sensura system and not trusting of it. What could a revision of it offer?
Well a lot is the answer. The skin barrier is a lot more flexible and conforms better than the older sensura and is on par with the Hollister comfort 2 for security especially the 1 piece system.
With only having one hand I hand I have found that the one piece system easier to use than the two piece systems.
My personal option for my use is the Coloplast sensura mio one piece system.
I hope this helps anybody that is looking for a system to shout them. Everybody is different so this is only how I have found the systems stack up.


Any Indian Ostimate in this group

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Yeey! Got an ileostomy the 4th of mars. Any tips and tricks for a newbie? :)

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