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Checking out! Moved to The Gaming Forum on Imzy.

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Woot! We be level 16 now. :D

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Yes it is 1am and I should be asleep but we are going to over look that. :P

So you want to help out the guild but you only have like 15 minutes a day to play GW2 cause let's face it you are still playing Fallout 4 and another Sims 4 expansion is right around the corner (or another game cause let's face it look at who we are lol). You figure "well self 15 minutes isn't really enough time. What could I could I do in 15 minutes that would actually mean anything?" Well I have the solution... actually it's more like a gentle nudge and a small plea. You see my friends we need flax seeds and a shit ton of the stuff. And this is where you come in. If you have a character that you don't mind parking at the flax farm in Verdant Brink you can log in for 5-10 minutes tops and grab some flax then mail your goods to me to convert to the stuff we need. This also means that you pick up your daily log in reward which is a win for you as well!

Here is a video showing how to get to the flax farm. All you need is a top end harvesting tool (if you want to get extra fancy with lower level characters let me know). And please know that I wouldn't be asking if we really didn't need the stuff. Even with 1 of your characters doing this every day it would help out so so much. So thank you in advance for putting up with me and know that I do appreciate it.

Due to your donations and my addiction we have a bunch of boosts available now. 6% XP and Karma gain along with 12% gathering or Critical Crafting boost. They don't stack like the old system but they do last 24 hours of game time and best of all they are FREE! As we unlock more boosts the % will go up so check back often. You can pick them up from Nathan the Bartender at the tavern. 

If you'd like to know how you can help just hit me up and I'll give you a list of things we are focusing on. Ooo and I found out we get a freaking airship for one of the buildings!!!! 

So I have a small rant, not directed at anyone here obviously but just something that's been bugging me. There has been a lot of talk on forums and reddit that its so impossible for small guilds to build up their guild halls. Even last night while sitting in the voice chat with my larger guild I heard them say "oh I don't know how smaller guilds will ever get this done." I responded that we've been doing just fine. They were like oh just you wait it's going to get much harder. After that I just shut up cause it was obvious they don't know the tenacity of a small guild.

Personally I think we ARE doing just fine. It might take us a while to build up everything but at least we CAN. With the old way guild missions worked small guilds could barely do them but now at least we have a chance. And everyone is pitching in helping out even in their small way it means something and it matters. When I look around our hall I'm proud of us. Cause its ours and we worked hard for it and it's a great feeling of accomplishment. Probably more so than I've felt before in the game because its a visual representation of our progress as a group. And it kinda bugs me that people continue to discredit the small guild as if we can't overcome things at all. 

I also know that eventually interest in GW2 will pass but at least when that time comes and we log in from time to time we'll have place all our own to catch our breath. A place we can look around and say I helped make this what it is and that to me is awesome. 

[GW2] If you are interested the larger guild I am in, Power Trip, is having their annual Secret Santa. It's open to anyone and it should be pretty fun. I thought I'd pass it a long. 

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[GW2] Here is the tiny cut scene of the workshop opening up. When we save up enough to do restoration 2 we'll get real buildings for all of this stuff.

[GW2] I just wanted to gush a bit and say how awesome you guys are. We managed to get to guild level 10 tonight and open another guild mission slot. So if you happen to make it on this Saturday afternoon we can knock some of those out, we even have a puzzle which I've never done before but I hear are really fun.

Also we now have a karma boost as well as an xp boost. Sadly those don't stack anymore but they are up to 4% now. 

[GW2] Hi everyone! 'wave I just wanted to let you all know that KR managed to take our guild hall over the weekend. Yay! I wanted to thank everyone who could make it as well as those that were there in spirit. In all the excitement I forgot to snap a picture but +Chris Smith has a highlight on his twitch channel,

Now that we have the hall it's time to unlock some goodies. So far we've managed to unlock a 3% xp boost, which will increase as the guild levels. We are currently working on unlocking the workshop which will give us access to the Scribe crafting profession and gathering nodes inside the Guild Hall. Here is a link to a reddit article listing all the things we can unlock, . If there is something you want us to work towards let me know and I'll make sure we get the resources needed. 

Also remember if you aren't in KR but would like to see what a guild h all looks like just say the word and I'll hope on to give you a tour. And rather than bog this whole post down if you are interested in how the whole process of upgrading works along with the treasury system let me know and I can write something up. 

[GW2] It's time to take our guild hall! Hi guys, I was just checking in to see who all is still interested in helping claim the guild hall. I know this Saturday will be busy with Extra Life so I wanted to hopefully organize early. Right now we are aiming for around 2-3pm EST, but I can try and accommodate a different time if needed. Let's do this!!!! 
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