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★ Update for Mods ★

This is an Update to keep the Community organized. If you are approving someone, please look at their profile first, this is necessary to keep the Community free of "Trolls". If someone doesn't have any posts on their page, deny them instantly.


Hello everyone! Welcome to the Hentai Roleplay!~ Community! This is the pinned post, which contains all the information you need to rp in this community!
Of course, just like any other community we have rules to, which I will get to in a second! But for now I will discuss something else! We are currently looking for moderators! :D
All the information you need for that, is contained right here:

I hope to see some great people applying to help out this community!


1. Post in the right Categories.
➥ This rules is one of the most important ones. We all want this communities to be sorted, so please try not to break this rule!

2. Don't be rude/bully people or post racist things.
➥ This also is a pretty important rule. This is a friendly community, so don't be rude to other people or bully them!

3. Don't advertise other communities without permission.
➥ Advertising IS allowed, but only if you get the permission from the owner. So please keep that in mind.

4. The Owner/Moderator Categories ARE for Owners and Mods only.
➥ Any person other than Mods and Owners isn't allowed to post in these Categories.

5. Don't be disrespectful of the Owners and Moderators.
➥ If you ever do that, and I catch you you get banned. With stuff like this I'm pretty strict.

6. Do not spam.
➥ This rule is pretty self explanatory, but it still needs to be added.

7. Do not post one-liners.
➥ This means, don't post anything that isn't longer than atleast 7 sentences or 5 lines.

8. Don't post irrelevant content.
➥ This means, stuff like "Reshare for _", "Do _ or die in 24 hours", and other/similar things.

9. Keep Hentai Pictures at a minimum!
➥ This is pretty important to keep the community running. Hentai Pictures are allowed, but please don't post like 10 at once for example. Only up to 2-4 Pictures allowed at once. And please do try to still censor them though.

The Warning System

This contains all of the rules again and their warnings. So be careful.

➥ Posting in the wrong Categories - 3 Warnings
➥ Bullying/Being racist - 1 Warning
➥ Advertising without Permission - 3 Warnings
➥ Posting in Owner/Mod Categories - 3 Warnings
➥ Disrespecting Staff - 1 Warning
➥ Spamming - 3 Warnings
➥ Posting one-liners - 3 Warnings
➥ Posting irrelevant content - 3 Warnings
➥ Too many Hentai Pictures - 3 Warnings
The 3rd Warning = Ban
The rules with 1 warning mean, you do it once you get a warning, next time a ban.

I hope you have lots of fun in this community, and hope that I'll have some nice chats with you and see you all roleplay!

~ UηƘησωƝ ƐRяσR

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You were a freshman college student who was looking to make some cash over the coming semester that is when you see the flyer from the psychology department:

Need Cash?
Want to take a semester off but come back as a priority student?
Want to help us expand the realm of science?

Come to room 301 in the Pavlov hall between the hours of 4pm-7pm Monday through Friday
Room, bord, and meals are provided for the duration of the experiment.

Which experiment will you sign up for?

1. Behavioral conditioning- this experiment will see if you will maintain your true sense of self as you go through the next 4 months living as a dog conditioned to act like one in every way possible. (Pet play, degradation, mind break)

2. Pain/pleasure response- the experiment is to see if the human body can swap it's pain pleasure response. (Bondage, electro play)

3. Nutrition- this experiment will test if the human body can sustain itself on one substance for as long as possible (cum play/eating)

4. Mental endurance- this study will test how long it takes before the subject mind blanks and they do whatever is asked of them. (Mindbreak, BDSM, Torture)

5. Regression therapy- this study will help test if age regression is a good way to deal with trauma (DDLG)

Looking for female or male roleplayers to play one of the 5 paths, must be 18± irl, and no one liners. Name, picture or description of your character is required. I'll be playing a scientist who goes by the name David

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It has been a couple of years since I moved to this town and became mayor randomly, I've gotten used to the responsibilities and the amount of work I have to do as well. Luckily I also paid off my loans so my home is fully upgraded and I've been relaxing a lot lately and watching animals come and go. However, the only one I haven't seen leave yet was Isabelle. I mean, she was my assistant after all but she's been here for such a long time I'm quite surprised she hasn't even had the thought of leaving yet. Of course, sometimes she'd doze off or fall asleep completely and I'd just wake her up and she always seemed so flustered around anyone, but a bit more comfortable with me. Maybe it's just because we're used to each other and since we work together, or's something else..?

Present Day.

Today I woke up to a knocking on my door, I dragged myself out of my bed and slumped over to the door. Yawning softly as I rubbed my eyes I opened the door very slightly to see you outside. I smiled and opened the door more and leaned on the door frame as I looked at you. You wore the same outfit as you have for years except on special occasions would you change the design of it. You felt your heart pound against your chest when you only noticed me in boxers and a t-shirt, your face burned red as you stared at me and you could feel your shy yet perverted mind get the better of you and your fluids slowly puddled up in your underwear. You stuttered and tried your best to hold your composure as I was still clueless to what was going on to you. You thought you needed to stay “professional” and that thinking these thoughts were wrong, or so you thought. You've had this weighing crush on me for a while now and you still didn't know how or when to confess to me, or if you even should. Finally after calming yourself down you..?

(Requirements on the pinned post on my profile.)
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An odd but perfect love.

Paris was a blue and...white dragon? Mainly blue and his best and closest, dearest friend Y/N was well, gray He didn’t know however that this day to the pool was going to be his place where he’d experience his first kiss and first...”time” for many things. He sighed in nervousness as he waited for Y/N, he always knew she was pretty and she knew it too. She had teased him before with her breasts and such to get a reaction out of him which, every single time he was always flustered and felt his heart and mind freak out. He was nervous of how he’d react and what she’d do to him this time in a bikini, since she only teased Paris like that in only a school uniform and he still had a raging dragon boner every time! Imagine a bikini!

She arrived, Y/N slowly walked down to his front door and knocked on it. You grinned and put your hand on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze while putting your other hand under your chin innocently. I had opened the door and immediately I stared at your body, I was shocked and it was obvious that I had a tent in my shorts. I hid it quickly and moved away to let you inside. You walked in and went out to the back where my pool and backyard was. You sat down on the edge of the pool and dipped your feet in, swinging your feet around subtly as the water lapped over your scaly skin. I walked out with a couple of drinks and sat next to you, giving you a glass of water with ice in it and a lemon on top. I had the same thing. You..?

If you read everything what drink did Paris give Y/N? Also, say “I read everything and acknowledge I will be the girl in this and I am aware and agree to do a romance, hentai long term RP with you. Please PP me.”
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I wanna role play I need a nigh strong man to protect me or rape me
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You were having a dry spell when you decided to take your mind off it by going to the zoo. As you walk around you catch a few guys checking out your butt or breasts. You hear people talking about the new guerilla in the enclosure you deside to check it out for the hell of it and because of how they act when they see school children. You walk over to the rail looking down into the triangle enclosure there is a fake cave and two trees one with a platform the other with ropes looking down there is a moat that separates the enclosure from the wall path your standing on at first you dont see anything then you see him a big sliver back guerilla sitting under one of the trees it starts doing something so you look closer leaning over the rail. . .

female (18+)
2+ lines**

If you want to play ill need your: character's name?
description (or a picture)?
your time zone?

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i am your cute little sister.

you have a sister fetish but keep it well hidden. one day you end up meeting this girl on the internet amd youre nervous that it may lead to sex. so you decide since your a virgin andim a virgin you want to test sex out on me.
you beg me over and over to let you but i refuse. but your begging becomes more persistent and i get annoyed giving you a test and if you pass ill let you have me.
we will begin there as i give you your test.

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name: Kearia
age (depends on the role play anywhere from 15-20)
height usually 5'0
weight varies

usually pretty defiant but can be a good girl. just depends on the role play and the maste/mistress

background/how she became a slave:
kira was sold into slavery by her family who was in debted to high people. they sold her then and shes been threw many slave markets, but because of her fighting nature has still managed to keep her virginity, most masters dont even keep her for a day(but thats because the ones that grab her are usually amature or noob type masters)
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Hello everyone.
Im new here and im submissive.
im looking for a role play Master that can meet my main favorite kinks without wanting to change them, adding to them is fine, i can handle most kinks.
also you dont have to be a man to play with me i like men, futas and females

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I am a college student & you are a college teacher. The first time we met is the new semester. You were a nice, but cold. Anyone is not safe from you, no matter what. After class, you saw all of your students left, giving you a sign of relief. You are still looking for a boyfriend. All of your student, including me, know about this & it is close to christmas. Everyone was wondering who would be perfect for you. Then they look at me, causing me to look at them. They smiled & I shook my head. Then they kinda plead & beg me to do it. I just walk home. The next day, after class, you called me to stay after. I waited until everyone left & head towards you. You..
//2+ lines
//No text talk
//No hangouts
//PP must ask
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