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Ok, let's vote for Taylor:
Herself:World's Best Female Artist
: World's Best Live Act
: World's Best Entertainer
Red: World's Best Album
22: World's Best Song
: Wrold's Best Video
EHC: World's Best Song
: World's Best Video
IKYWT: World's Best Song
: World's Best Video
WANGBT: World's Best Song
: World's Best Video
Sweeter Than Fiction: World's Best Song

So MANY Nominations!!
i've been voting foreverrrrrr
So, Swifties, LETS VOTE 
and make her day Purrfecto! <13
P.S, im absolutely amazed at the no. of nominations

I was so exited ,that i forgot to tell u guys what awards it is and where to vote. XD
So, vote here
for the World Music Awards (
Animated Photo

Hey!!! Is there any assignment for fearless class

I m new!!! Her... in which class I m??

Can I be in RED class, please?

Thanks to the one who accept me... glad to be here.. and funny cuz I received a classwork community: Fearless, but not this school... but anyway nvm I'm so glad to be here :) :)

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To all INDIAN SWIFTIES AND EVRY1 ELSE!!! Please trend #RedTourIndia    on twiitter, g+ and facebook or anywhere else!! if u really want taylor 2 come to india! we can do it! Asia dates have released but not india yet! Lets trend this before its too late!! WE CAN DO IT!!
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