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Guys! Is jse!!
my attention span
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About to watch the princess bride!!!!!!!! Can we just elect that as our official class movie? I mean, we all have seen it and love it so...

for all the awesome ppl out there who'd tots understand this feeling.....

I JUST WATCHED THE LAST EPISODE OF THE CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON DOCTOR WHO!!!! OMG i cried so hard when the doctor rejuvenated!!!!! and when rose was back on earth and she was spazzing out about how the doctor made her understand that life isn't just about running away from thing's, but saying " NO! ", that was sooooo SAD!!! :(((((((

okkkkk srry that wuz super weird but i just had 2 get that out of my system :P

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Have you ever said to yourself that you can't forget something, put it somewhere then forgot?

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i wanna go there soooo badly
Beautiful Natural Pool in the Aegean Sea
+ & share if you would like to be there?
Giola lagoon natural pool Thassos, Greece

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this rox!

of course im awesome

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