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As a former serviceman, I think this is a genuinely admirable way to honour our fallen on ANZAC Day, and would like to see the same occur throughout Australia. If you can't see your way to doing this, then at least avoid any war memorials between pre-dawn and any marches occurring. Your inability to not play will insult current and past service personnel. How they choose to exhibit this will be inflamed by alcohol and passion.

The Canberra Ingress Community has a long standing annual tradition, as a sign of repect for the fallen. All portals around the Australian War Memorial (AWM) and down ANZAC Parade are neutralised and left that for approximately 30 hours, from 8pm 24th April (when the factions come together to clear) until 11:59pm 25th April . This truce has been acknowledged by both Resistance and Enlightened agents for a number of years, to pay our respects and remember those who have fought and given their lives serving and defending our country in battle and peacekeeping.
Please help us keep this tradition alive.


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This spoofer continues, unabated, and unashamed. This time we've evidence that he is entering areas that are closed at night, and covering distances that couldn't be done by human, or safely by car. Only those that have been there understand how difficult this one would be to access after hours.

Please submit further reports for spoofing.

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We need more reports submitted to ban this spoofer.

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Second XFac BBQ moved to May.

Come and meet other Ingress agents from both sides to put a face to that agent name you see on the portal you visit, or the attack notifications in Alerts.
Mayday, Mayday - the XFac BBQ is now scheduled for May to avoid conflicts in the the April, and give us an extra month. Come and join other ingress agents for a late autumn BBQ, Maypoles dances optional.

The February XFac event was a great day with about equal numbers of Resistance and Enlightened agents attending - there is a nice write up by +Jodi W at 

This BBQ will be at Wigley Reserve in Glenelg North. Meetup will be at the tables on the north side of the reserve, near the BBQ. There is also an outdoor gym for the goruck types, and a playground for the rest of us. BYO food, drinks, chairs, and bacon (however the area is a dry zone). Also heed the lyrics of Baz and don't forget the sunscreen 

Nearest Portal is "The Historic Buffalo",-221.486759&z=19&pll=-34.975311,138.513552 , and there are 4 missions in the area, as well as one on the tram ride from Glenelg to Bonython (where the last BBQ was).

For any questions, please contact:
RES:+Derek Munneke ,+Robert Hardiker , +Scott Marshall 
ENL:+Carrie J ,+James Walduck ,+maretta catlin 

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Ding 5 !!

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We need more reports, folks.
I am on site at Moomba and had noted that my guardian portal at Ballera, Oontoo, Queensland had been spoofed down by B1ooper at 2024, 12/2/16. I know that it was spoofed down as there is no phone reception at Ballera, and internet connectivity is provided by satellite or the land line/ wifi provided by Santos, and only to Santos employees and contractors. At 2208, 12/2/16, the portal at Moomba, South Australia was attacked by B1ooper. The road between Ballera and Moomba is unsealed, potholed and extremely dangerous to drive at night because of the conditions of the road. The route is travelled in 4 hours by Santos employees and their contractors during daylight hours only. I realised that the other portals would soon be attacked, and went to the nearest portal where visibility would be unobstructed. I travelled to the Ginger Park portal at Moomba by foot, and waited for the portal to be attacked. The portal was attacked at 2233, 12/2/16. With not being able to destroy the portal completely, B1ooper Jarvis virused it at 2240.

There have been two other agents up here that I suspect are spoofing their location. Techpets and cburnett1019 are their ign.

#spoofedtakedown +NIA Ops+Robz H+Sebastian Lamerichs#removedatathatscraperswant #getyourthumboutofyourbuttniantic #onyxguardianforalltostopspoofers +Ingress

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Know your SA Ingress XFac Google Communities. The great things about google communities are how many you can chose from, even for the same topic - here are the three Ingress communities in South Australia (that I know of).

Ingress SA
Keeping the lines open.
623 members - Public

Adam Cybulka
Daniel Carr {Owner}
Duane j
Ethan Hunt
Karl Harris {Owner}
Rae Percasky
Scott Marshall

Ingress SA
The official cross faction Ingress community for South Australia
123 members - Public

Ka Wu {Owner}
Karl Harris {Owner}
Rae Percasky

Ingress South Australia - Croweaters Unite!
For peaceful crossfaction relations between Enlightened and Resistance members.
146 members - Public

Adrian Jenkin (MarauderDeuce) {Owner}
Josh Lobb {Owner}

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Welcome to Adelaide’s inaugural Ingress First Saturday  (#IngressFS) on 6 Feb 2016.

What is IngressFS?
IngressFS is a cross-faction Ingress event held on the first Saturday of the month.  IngressFS is a friendly competition between the factions.  Overall the faction who gains the most AP on the day is deemed the winning faction.
The primary focus for FS events is to bring Agents together and meet each other.  The scores give the more competitive players something to challenge them, but the primary aim is to build the community and help out new Agents with tips, assistance and friendship.
Welcome to Adelaide’s inaugural Ingress First Saturday - #IngressFS

Come along and have some fun, meet agents from both teams and make some progress towards your next Ingress goal!

PLEASE RSVP ASAP if you're planning to attend.

Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and water!

Keep an eye on the event.  Further updates will be added later as required.

Event Overview

Meeting Point
Botanical Gardens Gazebo portal - look for the Beacon!
Intel Map link:,138.609859&z=17&pll=-34.917268,138.609859

Google Maps link:,138.609859&q=-34.917268,138.609859%20(Botanical%20Gardens%20Gazebo)

For any questions please contact:
ENL: myself,  +maretta catlin, +Carrie J 
RES:+Scott Marshall+Robert Hardiker+Derek Munneke 
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