Don't forget to wear your MidMn shirt at ties!! I think we decided on Monday?

Princeton students are unable to attend the student led conference this year, however a few of us from the teaching and learning team
Hope to attend!

While I'm sharing, I'm retiring at the end of this school year from the most awesome job I've ever had -- Becker High School Media Specialist. If you, or someone you know would like more information please let me know--or feel free to pass on my email address. The job requires a Master's Degree and a Minnesota license. Thanks for helping get this out there!

Have any of your schools used Unicheck for plagiarism protection? I'm looking at getting rid of because they keep increasing their price every year.

Thanks for your input!

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Good afternoon MidMN EDU!

I have a HS student that cruised through JavaScript in and is looking for a free advanced JavaScript course. I have been doing some searching but can't find anything that is overly appealing. Anybody with any ideas or leads for me?


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About half of the core planning team for the student powered conference was gone today and those of us in the room didn't have answers if our schools are able to participate. I created this sheets so that we can add our numbers for planning. Please try and have your information on this sheet by Tuesday, December 18th. At 1pm on the 18th we will have an online planning meeting for the logistics of the conference. Anything you would like to add or have questions on?

Anyone in nearby schools offer a Women's Mechanic class? (Pierz). We offered a Women's Automotive class last year and it was a hit. The teacher would like to expand into plumbing, electrical, welding, and woodshop--a little of everything--in a semester long course for girls only. They found it less intimidating, more likely to ask questions, etc. I'd love to either see your class in action or look at your course syllabus. Thanks!

We are thinking Wednesday, June 5th for EdCampMidMN 2019. Does anyone see a problem with this date? Feel free to pose other dates. We will pick a date the week before TIES based on feedback in this thread.

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Hello tech colleagues! We are in the process of reviewing and revamping our 1:1 plan and policies and I need your help. Can you please fill out the attached form to provide me with some information on different policies and procedures? This will help immensly as I work on updating our plan. Thank you SO much! I will happily bribe you by brining chocolate to the next meeting ;-)

Someone at the last meeting talked about a reading fluency app - Was it Google Read and Write? I have a 3rd grade teacher who is looking for a site/app that will work on student Chromebooks for reading fluency - timed readings, able to submit to teacher. We use RAZ for K-2 but not for 3rd grade. Any ideas?
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