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Name: Mortem Tacet

Age: 22


Height:6" 2


Possible Allergies: Penicillin

Medications: No

Medical History:Broken Arm, Fractured Collarbone

Career:Electrician, Biochemist

Talents: Viruses, Plagues, Wires, German

Personality Traits: Outgoing, Sometimes psychopathic, Knawledge, Concieted

Likes: Wires, Whiskey, Chess


Bio:Born outside the walls my parents didn't get taken over by the virus till I was 13 then I killed them as they begged me my father taught me all I know now I live in this "Containment" block

Anything Else Worth Knowing: Pyromaniac, Loves making explosives


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Name: Sutton vour
Age: 16
Allergies: none that are known
Medications: none
Medical history: has some psychopathic tendencies
Career: horror writer
Talents: good with blades, can see very well in the dark, good at spying
Personality traits: is unpredictable in actions, is strange but in a good way. He is very laid back until he is required to be serious.
Likes: rain, forests, and horror
Bio:He is somewhat of an introvert having been cast out for his appearance. He had to fend for him self since then and along the way developed psychopathic tendencies because of his past. 
Other stuff: has blades on him at all times. Where they are he'll never tell

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Name: Collin "Grimm" Biohazard
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140lbs
Possible Allergies: Mushrooms, Seafood
Medications: Classified
Medical History: Unknown, Schizophrenic, Multiple Personalities, Possible Other Mental Health Issues
Career: Clown at the Artrinaud Bros Circus
Talents: Drawing, Survival Skills in the Wilderness
Personality Traits: Usually happy, not very smart, gullible, childish, anger issues
Likes: Candy, Greek mythology, steampunk, cyberpunk, creating things, skateboarding, glitter, cosplaying, clowns, carnivals, freak shows, Victorian Gothic fashion.
Dislikes: Tight spaces, tea, loud noises, city areas, heat.
Bio: Grew up without a family, lived most of his life in a group home, the virus devastated the group home when he was 10 yrs old, spent another 5 years on the streets and one other year as a circus clown, wears a face mask to properly disperse medications on time and prevent possible airborne illnesses because of his weak immune system. Has been growing horns and a tentacle tail for as long as he can remember.
Anything Else Worth Knowing: Easily stutters, sometimes has a hard time saying things, noticeably twitches, never takes off face mask, hates horns being touched, uses tail for balance and an extra hand.

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Name- Alice 'Ally' Jones
Gender female
Height 5'5
Allergies none
Medications none
Medical history eye surgery for a bad eye (wears glasses).
Career artist (arts,music,theatre,)
Talents- drawing, writing
Likes- sleep, music , animals, sweet foods,
Dislikes-rude people and storms.
Personality traits- mostly sweet, quiet with music in,funny, rude when messed with the wrong way. (She can be rude in other situation aswell)
Bio -not known keeps it to herself.
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