So I guess it's going to happen eventually.

Your guys' thoughts on the transgender bathroom decision?

So would it be moral to belong to the BSA, as they support gay marriage for scouts and leaders? I had to leave BSA when the policy changed (Life Scout), but I was wondering what your guys' opinions are. 

So we wish there was no gun crime. This would be accomplished if no one had any guns. So what should we do about the US, in which there are gun crimes, but also a lot of guns? 

I don't want to reveal my position right away... I'd rather see some discussion start, and may play DA a few times. 

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Here is a community for young people who are striving for Holiness through modesty!!! We would love to have you!

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Is the Bible the word of God, and if so, how do we know that? Following on from that, are the Gospels a reliable witness to the life of Jesus? If so, why, and if not, why not?

So what do you think about this!
I do not support gay marriage or actions,but i like this band with a gay member in it(who is now deceased) is it BAD to listen to their music still?

Hey everyone!
whats your views on abortion and contraception?
Should it be legal,or not?

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