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Konoha is unfortunately closed but we have many spots open such as Uchiha, Tsuchikage and more! Come and join!

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Name: Xion Musashi Kusanagi

Aliases: The Paper Master

Affiliation: ANBU

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Village: Kirigakure The Hidden Mist Village

Graduation: Age 12

Rank: Genin

Appearance: Black haired,black eyes,short. She is clad in a black hoodie and wears protective armor around her left arm. She hides her face wearing a white cat mask with a sly grin.

Personality: Xion is quiet,stoic,mysterious and prefers to hide in the shadows waiting to attack. She likes to keep to herself most of the time focusing solely on completing her missions. She has a love of books and spends most of her free time reading or making origami in the shape of animals.

Chakra Nature: Lighting

Common Jutsu:

Paper Manipulation – Able manipulate paper into various any shape and form including weapons and animals. The papers are durable enough to withstand heavy blows and she uses them to shield herself from attacks and is able to easily bind her targets from far away. 

Rare Jutsu:
 Dance of the Shikigami - Able to turn her entire body and clothing into sheets of paper,reshape any parts of her body at will and gains the ability to hover in midair. She can manifest the paper as tendril-like appendages that lash out at her target on command and even cover objects entirely in paper.This paper is seemingly expendable, including parts of her body converted to paper; and how much paper she can expend depends on her chakra reserve.
In this form, however, she is weak to oil-based techniques.

Skills and Abilities: She is quite stealthy using her combat instincts to outmatch her opponents,She melds acrobatic movements with her attacks and is trained in Swordmanship,Archery,Acrobatics and Martial arts. She uses paper bombs as the main projectiles of her bow.

Her other weapons include a jian sword, a bow,paper bombs,shurikens and concealed blades on her wrists and left foot.

Bio: A member of the ANBU hailing from the Hidden mist Village. Xion has been trained as an assassin since young. Not much is known about her background before joining the ANBU as she likes to keep her past a secret. She is deadly, agile and is an expert swordsman as well as a trained hand-to-hand combatant. She lives for killing and enjoys the rewards she gains for completing her missions.

Profile for Akatsuki.
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Garakku Uchiha


23 Years


Previously Elite Jounin, now Missing S-class nin.

Most of Garakku's backstory is unknown, but it is known he was born years before the Uchiha Massacre happened. Garakku excelled for an Uchiha, but he seemed to dislike praise and appreciation and seemed to "favor silence in a world that never stops talking." Garakku did well enough that he graduated from the Academy at the age of eight. Garakku was also very private, usually not speaking unless spoken to and kept many secrets, calling himself a "Secretkeeper" inside his mind. Garakku was also highly intelligent and extraordinarily well at figuring people out. He grew up with no friends and few conversations that lasted too long (the way he liked it). Even though, Garakku cared greatly for his older sister, Ketsu. Garakku's family entered the Third Shinobi World War and fought well, usually coming out of battles unhurt. Though, one day, Garakku witnessed Ketsu fall in battle while Garakku watched, doing nothing to help, with consequently awoke his Mangekyou. Garakku dropped out of the war after that, telling no one of his Mangekyou and practicing it in secret for months. Only about six or seven months after Ketsu died, Garakku left his village, tired of it, after slaughtering his own parents at the age of twenty-one. He later joined the Akatsuki.

Garakku has pale skin and the Uchiha's black eyes and hair. His hair is straight and neat, reaching just below his armpits with center-parted bangs on the sides of his face that went down half of his face. He usually doesn't have any visible injuries, the only permanent one being an extremely faded, small scar across the right of his chest. He stands around the height of 5'9. He wears the standard Akatsuki cloak. Under his cloak he wore mesh armor with navy accents under an identical T-shirt with a simple white belt around the waist and dark blue pants. He wore no accessories except small copper hoop earrings that had a light blue silver teardrop hanging from it on each ear and a tight amber-colored armband studded with glittering black onyx rocks, positioned just above the sleeve of his clothes but beneath his cloak.

Garakku is very independent and quiet, observant. He seems to prefer being "invisible" or unnoticed. He spoke in a low, careful voice. Like mentioned before, Garakku kept many secrets and very rarely told any of them. He is also skilled at doing this discreetly and lying. He prefers silence and to work on his own. Garakku seems to dislike small, closed spaces. He also seems to dislike being spoken to for more than a couple of minutes and avoids conversations that mention anything about him or his secrets.
Garakku usually doesn't show visible emotion and has emotionless eyes. However, he's polite to most people and shows respect to his superiors.
Despite being powerful, Garakku has always been a little wanky in battle, sometimes stepping over himself or making the mistake of turning his back on his opponent, or not using the right attack to counteract another one. He becomes a little furious over these mistakes but doesn't seem to work on fixing them. However, Garakku still usually wins his battles. He also seems to try and avoid fights all together and rarely acts out of vanity or vendetta.

[Graduation age]
Eight Years


[Kekki Genkki(s)]
Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan

The only weapon Garakku carries now is a silver dagger with a wicked curve that hangs on his right hip.

[Chakra Nature(s)]
Fire Release, Wind Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Yin Release, Yang Release, Yin-Yang Release

[Most Common Jutsu(s) Used]
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

[Most Rare Jutsu(s) Used]
Any Demonic Illusion technique he knows.

it was 5:40 AM and i came early to the entrance gates in konoha waiting for the rest of the squad members +Soul Uchiha +Tenten テンテン and shinku
(can one of you guys tag shinku it won't let me)

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That's it... I'm attacking the hidden leaf... It's time that they get what they deserve! Walks out of the Akatsuki hideout and is clearly mad

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walks to the hokage's office +Titania Uchihaうちは一族
hello, lady titania. i was wondering about my sis, Raina Uchiha. i heard she ran away from the village. she's so reckless. sighs

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◼◼◼Profile template◼◼◼

Name: Daiki Uchiha


Age: 12.

Gender(Male and Female only): male (looks kinda like a girl)

Rank: Genin

Bio: my mother and father died because of the akatsuki when i was very young, and i plan on getting revenge. i have one sibling named Raina uchiha. she's the best sis ever, but i heard she ran away from konoha, and i hope i see her again soon.

Graduation age: 12.

Bijuu(Has to have tailed beast and name in jinjuriki list): none

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Weapon(s): Kunai and shuriken.

Chakra nature(s): Fire

Most Common jutsu(s) used:
shadow clone jutsu
fire ball jutsu
(the basic uchiha jutsu and skills)

Most Rare Jutsu(s) used:

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(Tamashī is wearing the top left outfit)

A girl with silver hair walked through the main gates, her piercing blue eyes looked bored, but a well hidden fear was behind it as she walked through the bustling leaf village, she hadn't been there before, and was only sent there to keep the alliance strong, she wore her head band proudly around her neck not watching where she was going she ran into you "Kami that hurt..."
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◼◼◼Profile template◼◼◼

Name: Midori Uchiha

Nickname(Unnecessary): Sharingan Princess

Age: 17

Gender(Male and Female only): Female

Rank: Jonin

(I suck a these) Bio: Midori Was Originally born in Kirigakure, The Village hidden in the mist But later moved to Konoha With her parents. She was a normal girl, Going to School and stuff her grades were Normal too.

Graduation age: 7

Weapon(s): Kunai, Shuriken

Chakra nature(s):

Water release, Yang Release, Wind Release, Fire Release.

Least common jutsu: Reanimation Jutsu

Most common Jutsu: Summoning Jutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Type of Sharingan: Kamui

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