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I am finally in the PHILIPPINES. A country that I wanted to visit for so so so long time :) And I have lots of plans!

On my first day I did some sightseeing in Puerto Princesa, ate some tasty food and visited the Wildlife Rescue Center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

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Although all the huge hotel brands like Hilton, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, etc. also have nice hotels in Costa Rica I would like to introduce you some smaller, handpicked hotels that will make your stay really special.

In cooperation with my friend Mareike who is an expert in Costa Rica vacations we compiled a list of the Best Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica. - #luxuryhotels - #luxury - #costarica - #visitcostarica

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Airplane Graveyard Bangkok

Did you ever walk on an airplane wing? You can experience it at the Airplane Graveyard Bangkok and take amazing photos of an abandoned Jumbo Jet Boeing-747.

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In today's MYCITY interview Luke from The Backstreet Nomad introduces Newcastle, Australia.

#travel - #newcastle - #australia

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20 Signs That You Are Born To Travel. If you can relate with any of these signs, chances are you're a natural born traveller.

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