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Which one?
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Minecraft has blood
Minecraft has more realistic players

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Lucky Tools Mod
Ignore the Steve and Creeper Head at the Bottom
 as they are Currently Unused
Sword 45% To deal Extra Damage
Picaxe/Spade/axe Has a 56% to Get more drops from tiles
Hoe does a 2x2 or a 3x3 Space of Farmland
Clover foundd rarely in Some bioms
Pot o Gold
Gold Coin
Lucky Shears,FishingRod,and a Bonus item Hammer

Can someone help me code? I wanna make a simple christmas PE mod by tonite or tomorrow

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Which mod?
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Eat squid meat
Eat everything

Wait a minute. Im an owner? XD Also Five Nights At Freddys 2 Mod! It would have all the new mascots!

how do you make a mod?

oh and also  guys how do u get a texture pack

What mod do you guys think I should make?

What the? Who made me an owner?

If i could make a mod, it would rain waffles in minecraft >:D
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