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Glitchtale Betty
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Betty: here little monster,all I want to do is plaaayyy. Where are you?
Me: tries to fight back but gets crushed
Betty: found you.
Me: god damnit!
Betty: stabs me in my heart
Me: coughs out blood
Betty: got you....don't cry little're very useful to me.
Me: falls down to the floor crying and bleeding
Betty: laughs creepyly time to kill more monsters!
Me: cries out in pain and the bleeding increases
Betty: bye bye little monster.when you get better we'll play again okay?
Me: you.....little......bitch......passes out from the pain
Carly: gasps undyne!!! Looks at Betty
Betty: aww,don't look so surprised sweetie,you the day I was brought into this world I'd kill all monsters.
Carly: you bitch!
Betty: if I'm such a bitch,then fight me!
Carly: ok,fights Betty
Betty: does fine at first but then gets messed up damn! I'll be back! Runs away
Carly: undyne? Are you ok?.......
Me: coughs out blood and opens my eyes what...... happened?......
Carly: hugs me
Me: ...................hugs back

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