Any descriptive females that are interested in long term rps comment below thanks

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Name: Claire Beta 2...xD
Gender: Female...xD
Species: Genie, looks human...xD

A skilled, gifted indigenous Mexican girl...xD
Joshua Beta 1's soul-mate and wife...xD
She has the same powers, skills and abilities that Joshua...xD

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Name: Joshua Phoenix
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 244 lb
Age: Unknown, but looks like as about 24...xD
Species: Genie, but looks human.
Powers: All that you can imagine (Only I know the exceptions). He uses his powers for survival. 
Race: Native Mexican. Skin as dark as chocolate. Slim but muscular and always fit. Long, black and almost always braided hair. Hairless. This is the why he looks like a breastless 24- aged woman.
Personality: Mysterious, silent, secretive, smart, mistrustful, rebel, arrogant, proud, a deep thinker, effete and feminine but neither fag nor queer, cold-tempered and cold-hearted.
Loves: Being alone, being himself, wearing mask always.
Hates: Being dressed, and much, much more.
Usual clothes: Thongs, "speedo" and "arena" type swimsuits, jockstraps and loinclohts....xD

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watches the sunset while sitting on a rock. Then I see you

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looks at the moon while wandering the path

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Name: Asora Askitaros
Age: unknown but apears 12
Specie: shadow maiden
Powers: The darkness
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