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Which DSA SDKs are important to you?
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C / C++

When integrating the SDK into my project i get an error: "undefined reference to `dslink_requester_set". Other function such as dslink_init are found so i guess the library is correct include into my build. Anyone an idea whats wrong?

Can data be stored in dsa long term, if so what is the mechanism and how much? 

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i am unable to install the DSA can you guys please help me the following error occurred while i am running on the command window.

Is there a download to get DSA Server to work on Windows 10 IOT yet?
There is a lot of downloads but not for that... Anything coming soon?

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Is there a way to recover the password if you forgot it?

I have a DGBOX that comunicates with backnetIP equipments, i need to deliver traps to zenoss system, is it possible directly or with DSA in the midle.
They want to recieve the traps by SNMP.


I'm confused with History's. I got BACnet data that is live and working but how to I show historical data in a graph and where is that now stored. With DSA any help would be appreciated 

I'm interested is information on a dslink compatible with ecobee3. Are there any developers working on one of these links?
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