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Which DSA SDKs are important to you?
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C / C++

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If you're integrating (or interested in integrating) DSA and Echo or other device that runs Alexa, check this out:

For the Lambda JavaScript code for the getCPULoad skill and sample utterances, click here and scroll down:

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Overview of Distributed Services Architecture (DSA) with Dennis Khvostiopnov:

Has anyone created discovery tool for the DGAPI link? I'm new to this, so still trying to figure out the architecture.

I'm going directly to Distech Eclypse products. Adding one at a time is a bit difficult, I was hoping there was already a discovery option in place of creating a script.

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The #IoT chip #market constitutes #hardware such as processors, sensors, connectivity ICs, memory devices, and logic devices which are used in IoT-enabled devices.

The major drivers for the #growth of the IoT chip market are the increasing demand for application-specific MCUs and flexible SoC-type designs and increasing investments by major giants of this #industry in the IoT market.

Of all the major end-use applications, automotive and transportation held the largest share of the IoT chip market in 2015.

The IoT chip market is expected to reach USD 14.81 Billion by 2022 from USD 5.75 Billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 13.2%

The IoT chip market for the retail end-use application is expected to grow at the highest CAGR from 2016 to 2022, followed by wearable devices. The rising demand from customers for easier and better shopping experience would drive the use of IoT in the retail application as it would help customers to reduce checkout times, facilitate easier payment procedures, and enable a comparative cost analysis.

For complete analysis download this free PDF here:

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Fuji Scalable Placement Platform!Waiting for your next PCBA chanllenge!

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Hi DSA Team,
I am using Java SDK to write an DSLink. I have a query regarding action on nodes. Suppose i have action_1 and other is action_2 . Now i want to invoke action_1 & when action_1 is invoked , it should invoke action_2. now problem is that i want to return result of action_2 from action_1. But it is not happening. So i can i implement async actions??

I would like to know if we can connect DGLux with Azure?

How can I read from the device in dglux5 script.?

How can I read data from Raspberry pi in dglux5 so that I can publish this data to the DGLux5 on my laptop, I have already installed DGLux5 on Raspberry pi and started it. I also have written python script for publishing, however if I just use the script by itself outside DGLux5 and publish it to my laptop it gets published, however how can I invoke the script from within DGLux5 and publish the data?
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