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Hello everypony! i am Pinkie Pie!! and welcome to this Community!!!! i hope you all enjoy and here are the rules even though rules are no fun! but any way enough Chit-chat time is candy!!!

RULES: If your going to post roleplays make sure that they are Yaoi or Yuri.  EXAMPLE: RainbowShy, RariJack,FlutterPie, ApplePie, Ect.

rule number 2: If you don't like a ship somepony has please do not give them a hard time! just don't comment bad things about other ponies.

Rule number 3: No spam or bullying, no "or you will die" posts and if any of these things happen will lead to a permanent ban.

Rule number 4: Don't post things super duper sexual. note: you can post sexual fanart, or roleplays.

Rule number 5: Private Post if your roleplays will be sexual to other ponies.
okay have fun!! Pinkie Pie ^^

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Is SunLight an official ship?

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Hello :3

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Cmc 3some?


Hi everyone

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I don't care what you say community

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who likes lyra x sweetie drops aka bon bon!
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