So, I know this is weird, cuz i'm a moderator, but I haz a question...

Where da heck haz +Duchess Wingedspirt  been????

Dear +Franca Ellerman
Wow, sounds tough.  Honestly, you can't FORCE them to like the Idea of doing it digitally, but you CAN try to persuade them.  Here are some reasons that you can convince them with:

1. Typing is easier than writing for most people. Not only will it be easier for us, but people will be able to read our mag easier typed, than with a fourth graders hand writing.

2. If you're bad at art, you can always take pictures from the internet, if you're good at art, and are worried you won't get to use your skills, you can draw after the mag finishes printing out.

3. The magazine might get crumpled, ripped, and spilled on when we handle it, but if we do it on the computer, there's no way that can happen. Plus, the paper's warm after it comes out from the printer.

That's all I can think of  for now, sorry for replying so late!! I was in California and forgot to bring my laptop.

                                                     Hope this helped,

Dear Moderator,
In school were making these pertend magazines themed on books,sports, or hobbies. My group has gotten the oportunidie to insted of making a pertend magazine on paper we can make a digital one. I really wan't to cause at my home I'm always using technology and now I will get a chance to use it, at school. At first my group loved the idea, but then I found out they were not using technology as much as I was for a 4th grader. Now 1/2 of the group (were all 4 not including me) does not wan't to do it at all and the leader of the group does not know what to say and she thinks doing a paper back copy is better (She's a really nice person, though). I don't know what to do now, or how to get the group to wan't to do the idea!
From, Franca Ellerman

What does this '👍' mean?

Do u know any diamond codes on Animal Jam other then 'Twelve' (which everybody knows)???

Dear Moderator,
I used to play with a boy in second grade and we became really good freinds. But then people started to tease us that we were in love, and we were not. Then after 2 years we stopped playing with each other, partly cause we did not wan't to be teased.
Now I don't know wether I should start playing with him or not, I don't wan't any of the teasing to start all over again. It's already been a year and I nobody has teased and I don't know wether to risk it starting all over again. People are already talking about weather if my best freind is in love with him (not in her face).
Franca Ellerman
P.S. (Can you tag me when you post your response?)

+Franca Ellerman
That was a really sad story. 
You must miss that guy, I wouldn't like it if people teased me either. Sometimes, people have friends with the opposite gender, nothing to get teased about, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't like them anymore.  I personally have a lot of friends that are guys, and it'd be weird if my friends thought a had a crush on every single one of them.

Really Weird.

Best friends MIGHT go through hard times, and yours was really hard, DON'T let that ruin a friend ship, be friends again. If the teasing starts over again, shrug it off and stay cool. They'll eventually stop. The main reason for teasing is to watch your reaction. If you stop reacting, they'll have no reason to do it, and it'll look to other people as if they're doing, WHAT THEY'RE DOING.

Being mean for no good reason.

Start it back up again, (the friend ship, not the bulling;) make it like the old days. If your friend gets worried about the teasing, tell him this advice. 

Hope this helped,  

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Dear Aimee, 
I know it might feel that you and your friends are splitting up just because of one guy. Just tear yourself up about it, instead, try to use one of these two methods.

Whenever your friends aren't swooning over their dream guy, ask them to hang out with you. Maybe at McDonald, or your house, etc. The more time they spend with you, the more they'll come back to you.

This is the harder method, and I might sound like your mom when you read this, but just, trust me. Tell your friends how you feel. If your friends understand and apologize, try to spend more time with them. If your friends defend themselves, and deny it, try to stay cool and ask them if they'd like to spend time with you, and they say no, then you've proven your point. Proceed to the next saying. 
If your friends choose the guy over you, stay calm, and walk away. You might need to choose some new friends, or, if you want to keep those friends, or know that they turn around quickly, wait a few days, until they apologize, and you guys go back to your own ways.

Hope this helped!! :D
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